Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Uncommon Sensical

I see that estimates of the dead from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami is currently around 10,000.  I, personally, can't for the life of me believe it's that low based on what I've seen.  I expect it to be at least 5 times that amount.

I saw the results of an HRC poll yesterday saying that a majority of voters oppose the Republican defense of DOMA (details here).  I, for one, lost trust in any survey that HRC ever does on anything after the disgraceful poll that they published to justify their support for a non-inclusive ENDA in 2007 (details here).   As much as I'd like to believe it, I just can't.

I also saw that local law enforcement and the FBI have come to the conclusion that the recent murder and dragging of a trans woman in Arkansas was NOT a hate crime (read here).

I, for one, can't believe that either and more than I believed Angie Zapata's brutal murderer "didn't know" and acted in a fit of rage.  What good is a Federal Hate Crime law if you're going to close the door on it as an option so soon when investigating a crime like this??  Anyway, I'll be shocked if they ever arrest anyone for this....

The LGBT Center released the news yesterday that I will be leaving (details here).  For those who have written asking how I'm doing - I'm fine.   I'm the one who submitted the resignation after a number of significant issues and concerns came to a head at our last board meeting.  In leaving, I wish the organization nothing but the best.  I like to think that I can work through pretty much anything, but sometimes there are show-stoppers and in this instance there was more than one so what happened is in the best interests of everyone.  I'm a bit disappointed and frustrated, but the organization will survive and so will I.

On the flip side of that, my mom got home from the hospital yesterday. She had been in the Intensive Care Unit since being admitted on Saturday evening and I'm sure our collective happiness at having her home is topped only by her own joy of being there.  This is a huge relief.  She had internal bleeding after re-starting to take her blood thinner meds following some tests a couple of weeks ago.  She goes home with 2 additional staples inside her to keep the area closed.  Her voice sounded strong so I'm very relieved.

Some have asked me what I'm planning to do next.  Honestly, I haven't had time to think that far ahead.  I do know that this afternoon I have a meeting with the city Mayor which should be "interesting".  But other than that I'll focus my attentions on tying off loose ends at the Center before making strategic decisions on next steps.

I have come to believe that things happen for reasons.  That's not to say that our lives are predestined from day one, but I don't think that everything that happens is purely chance either.  I've met some wonderful people here and I think we started something special.  I hope whoever drives it next has better luck than I did.  Regardless, this has not been a waste of time or energy.  I remain committed to the things that brought me here in the first place, and I'm confident that I'll land on my feet.  Again.

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sweetbrandigirl2004 said...

Donna Not trusting HRC is something we do agree on. They are slimy little alien snakes with bellies full of HRC Koolaide they are beamed down from the Mothership. They slitter their way into every corner of the LGBT community and into Washington just so they can talk out both sides of their mouths, their intent is job security upon the gust of equality for all. They are the biggest stumbling block facing the LGBT community.

I'm very happy to hear your mom is back home safe n sound

Sorry ! about the job sounds like you want to grow faster then they do....Go West Young Girl.. Go West !