Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cloudy Beach

Get ready, Kenmore West Class of 1977.  Our 35 year class reunion is coming up in August.

I can't believe that the 25th reunion was 10 years ago already.  I remember going - Dr. Christine McGinn was my "date".  Well, it wasn't a date date - she was there for moral support.  Anyway, the reunion is one weekend and then my oldest niece gets married the next weekend.  It's the first wedding in the family since....well....since my brother.  The previous one to that was my own.

Today's photo is from my weekly walk on the beach.  I go there for a number of reasons.  One is that it's simply beautiful  Another is the vastness of the ocean helps to put things into perspective.  And still another is the need to connect to my spiritual self and that seems to happen best either on mountains or near oceans.

I try to go on Sundays but they're calling for rain tomorrow.  Today was a cloudy, but very pleasant day, but clouds just give the photos more personality.

I had a busy day - some cleaning and errands, a trip to Costco, a visit to the gym, a wine tasting event downtown.  Now it's almost time for bed.  My days of getting ready and going out at 11 on a Friday evening are long gone.

A news story in Canada is that the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal agreed with an earlier recommendation by the Ontario Human Right Commission saying gender markers should be changed without surgery (story here).  My response - of course!  Sheesh.  It's happening every day on things like passports, driver's licenses, and other legal documents.

“This decision is a welcome step forward in recognizing and promoting the dignity and equality of trans people,” Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall in a statement. 
Many in the transgendered community may not be able to have surgery for physiological reasons, or they may not want it because, for example, they may want to have children. 
Ursel said the transgendered face “significant” discrimination when it comes to jobs and housing, and are frequently victims of violence. 
The recent headline-making case of beauty queen Jenna Talackova, who was booted from the Miss Universe pageant because she was born male, was a high-profile example of such discrimination, the lawyer said.


sweetbrandigirl2004 said...

Donna I'm surprised to hear you say "of course" I can remember not to long ago you stating your clear objection to birth certificates being changed without surgery saying it was just "different some how"…I'm sure I can find your blog post if you've forgotten what you posted. Has your stance changed ? Likewise just because it has become an epidemic with transgender people scheming their and finding a way to trick agencies into changing the gender markers to the almighty "F" doesn't make it right or something to celebrate. As I'm sure you already known I have clear objections to people changing documents without surgery as in my opinion it dilutes the GID diagnosis and leads the general population to believe this is a choice when it most certainly is not for someone who Truly has GID and is a True HBS transsexual. I still feel the Transgender community has hi-jacked the GID diagnosis and co-opped a condition solely meant to cover Transsexuals forcing them under their stupid umbrella for the sole purpose of giving them credibility and to vilify their desire to dress as women in open society. They now want to twist and distort the diagnosis to suit them so they can crossdress and play out some fantasy of pretending to be women without having to meet the standards set by Dr Harry Benjamin or society of what constitutes a person of the female gender. IMO transgender aren't transsexual and thus don't have need to reason to transition. Transition was solely intended as a means of relief for those diagnosis as HBS transsexuals and meant as a stepping stone to lead them into a life as the gender that matches their brains. It was never meant as means for crossdressing wanna bees to be able play dress up in open society. The Transgender movement has set Transsexuals back unknown number of years in getting complete equality, and in them being recognized as legal women. Transsexuals are now tainted with the scarlet letter of the transgender and with people thinking oh they choose to live as a women, but they're not a real one. This is the case because so many of these transgender renegades have taken upon themselves to run amuck and totally ignore the SOC and its safety gates it provides and do whatever the F$%^ they want without any regard for how it effects the diagnosis itself or the movement for transsexual equality. They could careless whether they meet the criteria for a TS diagnosis or in following the steps of transition as they were set out, They in fact see Therapist and counselors as the enemy simply because they may not tell them what they want to hear. They act like children wanting what they want and acting upon it without caring about anyone else only caring about their own desires. It is a sickening state of affairs and one I completely deplore.

Donna said...

@Brandi: It's our same fundamental disagreement, we have always had, just a different day. I have made it clear for a long time that I am not part of the "transsexuals need to distance themselves from transgender"/HBS/GID argument. Never have been, never will be. You may deplore it - I support it. I reiterate that I have no problem under the transgender umbrella, and I absolutely respect that others feel differently. That doesn't change a thing for me.

You are absolutely correct about the birth certificate thing. It was a rare time that we kind-of agreed. My main mental hurdle in that regard isn't rational so much as emotional, and I have a hard time with my overarching concept of equal rights, not special rights. As for changing other legal docs, I've always been very supportive of that and will continue to be.

I do not feel that what anyone else does "dilutes the GID diagnosis" as that's a bunch of hooey in my book, as well. Keep your GID diagnosis. My goal has always been to further recognition that gender is more than a body part or a chromosome, to broaden rights for all regardless of "medical diagnosis", and to be part of a community that celebrates a broad spectrum of realities.

You and I will never agree. There is even no happy ,medium here because what you find sickening and deplorable I find to be positive and worthy of celebration. Neither of us has changed.

I am a transsexual woman who is not and never will be "just" an anything. You feel that it diminishes me. I do not, and in fact couldn't care less what others think. I have fought on the front lines with my transgender brothers and sisters and I'd be there again on a moments notice. They are not my enemy - judgmental bigots who justify their own issues by pathologizing others are.

Nothing has changed, Brandi, other than the fact that the culture is becoming more aware and more tolerant of our realities. Transsexuals like me are speaking out about our lives, and you feel that advance has set the "transsexual community" back years. I'll do what I can to continue that progress. That eats you alive. But it's something I'm tremendously proud of being part of.

As I say - same argument, different day.

Sophie Lynne said...

Well brandi, as someone who HASNT had the surgery, all I can say is this:

If you don't like us, don't hang out with us.

That said, as Mr. Dylan once wrote: "Please get out of the way if you can't lend a hand. The times they are a changin'."

Life's too short to hate.

sweetbrandigirl2004 said...

Donna the point on my post wasn't to contradict our fundamental differences as that is a constant it was to point out that in your post you seem contradicted yourself in stating "of course ! Sheeh " Maybe the error was mine and I read to much into your comment as for your stand on birth certificates maybe you and Obama will evolve together. Likewise I too accept that some people feel different, but I don't think that means we as a society have to legally recognize them as the opposite gender when they refuse to meet the standards of society regarding gender norms. I'm surprised to hear you say the GID diagnosis is a bunch of hooey since you went through the painstaking process of getting one yourself which implies you put some stock it the SOC process. While you regard yourself as a Transsexual women that will never be "Just" I see myself as just another women that has far surpassed being trans anything. Also I would disagree that culture is becoming more aware and more tolerant of your realities. I would suggest that governments have been sympathetic given the co-opped information that the transgender community has used to misguide them. And while governments may be accepting society isn't and thats going to be a much bigger hurtle to clear.

" Transsexuals like me are speaking out about our lives, and you feel that advance has set the "transsexual community" back years." I feel that while you are a transsexual when you speak about your life you help further the congestion by asserting that transgender and transsexual is one and the same when you and I known they aren't, so by speaking about your life isn't detrimental top transsexuals in itself it is when you blend the gender variant groups and confuse people. Lastly you give yourself too much credit thinking it "Eats me Alive " it doesn't actually I couldn't care less I was merely stating an opinion. As always I wish you well. Regards Brandi

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