Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I feel like.....crud.

When I wrote my last entry on Friday I was starting to feel yucky.  I by Sunday, and into Monday whatever I caught settled in my chest and throat and I sounded more like a toad than a person.  I went to the doctor who said that I had a sinus infection and prescribed an antibiotic but as of right now the only thing that's happened is that I sound better but feel worse.  It's moving north and has now settled in my nose and my sinuses, meaning stuffy nose and headaches.

The doctor told me to stay home and stay horizontal but that's not possible this week.  I actually laughed when she offered to write me a note -- I haven't needed a note since grade school.  I had my Microsoft architect in town this week and needed to be sure we made good use of his time by connecting him with our vendor partners and our engineers.  I've heard more technical acronyms over these past few days than I can remember - DAGs, STIGs, LUNs, DNS, it's crazy.  But everything seemed to go well and although it's just after 6pm I'm already thinking about bed.  I'm crazy tired.

I don't get sick very often.  But I suppose I place significant demands on my body which probably weaken my defenses.  So at some point it's bound to catch something.  I'm actually surprised I don't get sick more often but I suppose I should thank my lucky stars.  I'm not a baby when I don't feel well, but I sometimes wish I just had the time to re-energize.

The weather here has been steadily improving since Friday's chill and the ten-day forecast looks to be positively Eden-like:

I'm luv-luv-luving it.  Maybe an infusion of Vitamin S (S=sunshine) would help melt away the crud.  I dunno, but it certainly couldn't hurt....

I've had some interesting yearnings lately.

Over the weekend I got a hankering for some Potato Salad.  Not any potato salad, but my favorite: Wegman's Mustard Potato Salad.  I miss that, and since the the closest Wegmans is 476 miles away I figured I'd try to find the recipe online and hope I can re-create it on my own.  I did (here it is!), and after 2 hours of cutting, boiling, peeling, and mixing I've got the closest I can think of to the real deal.  Maybe even better, as I added a couple of extra spices to add a bit o' zing.   I'm loving it, especially when combined with my stash of Zweigel's hot dogs for Easter.  Yummm.

It reminds me of how much I enjoy cooking.  With my hectic schedule it often gets forgotten.  And cooking for one can be a drag sometimes.  But cooking this potato salad made me realize how much I enjoy it so I'm going to get back into it.  And baking.  I love baking.  This weekend I'm planning to make a sour cream coffee cake.  Yummm again.

I took a picture of myself in my new glasses while I was headed out on Saturday.  Nothing spectacular, but I suppose it's worth sharing.  I don't know if they make me look any smarter, but it's taking me a while to get used to them:

April 7, 2012
That's it.  I'm purposefully not including anything on National News:  Miss Universe, Rick Santorum,  the Trayvon Martin shooting.

I'm focused on my own little world right now.  On Easter I decided a healthy way to end the day would be to drive to a relatively unknown spot a little north of here to watch sunset.  The results were spectacular.  I hope I never feel so crummy that I forget to take the time to appreciate these daily miracles.    I shared one of these on FB, but I actually like this one best as it captures the sun just sinking below the horizon.  God, I love photography....

So I'll end with one of my iPhone photos from the sunset.


Amazing to the point of forgetting how crappy I'm feeling.  For a while....

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Brynne Soukup said...

We are so blessed to have such great sunsets in SC.