Sunday, April 29, 2012


This will be short.  I'm too tired to even type.

Today was moving day.  I mentioned in my last note that I was moving and some wanted me to be more specific.  I'm actually being as specific as I want to be, so suffice to say I'm moving from one place to another - both here in the Charleston area - to be closer to downtown.  Anyone who read my posts from last May thru October may remember my love affair with the area, and I've got a unique opportunity to get back here and I took it.

It seems like I move every year.  Today's version was mild in comparison to some, and in fact the big move coming up later this summer is to go back to AZ to pick up all my "stuff" and drive it back here.  That'll be a bear.  The thing that made today's move so tiring is that I'm up on the third floor so there were lots of steps between the car door and my apartment.  Honest to God - I must have gone up and down those stairs 100 times today.  My legs are going to feel it tomorrow - I've got a feeling.

I travel pretty lean these days so there wasn't much furniture or heavy stuff.  And there's still some things left that I'll need to fetch over the next couple of days.

But tonight is my first night in the new bed.  My laptop is tethered to my iPad.  Now, that's pretty cool.  :)

Tired.  Gnight!


Carolyn Ann Grant said...

Ah, the memories of a Manhattan 3rd floor walk-up...

(At least in Brooklyn, when we lived on the 3rd floor, the elevator was just down the hall!)

Think of it as exercise! Get those pins looking good! :-D

Caroline said...

I had a great figure and stamina when I lived in a forth floor apartment, I could do with a couple of months there now!

I get dizzy reading about your moves... Hope this is the last for a while, sounds like you really like where you are now.