Sunday, April 22, 2012

Protection from the Storm

The cool thing about rain here is that it can be an absolute deluge one minute, and sun peeking through ten minutes later.  And the skies are VERY expressive.  It's way cool.

A line of storms is drenching pretty much the entire east coast from what I've seen.  We've been spared the brunt of it, but I've heard that they're actually expecting snow - like LOTS of it - back in Rochester tonight and tomorrow.  Oh, hell no.  That's more than cruel.  No complaints here, I assure you.

So, today's picture.  I've been talking about how the flowers and how pretty downtown is.  I went for a walk during one of the breaks this afternoon and was taking a picture of this flower when I noticed this little guy inside.  He seems to be protecting himself from the rain.  It's actually kinda symbolic of some things.

Anyway - it's today's photo. (Click on it for a larger version)

I am so not ready for the weekend to end.  How did the time go by so fast?

One of my favorite ways to spend Sunday mornings is to make a decent breakfast.  Since I didn't go to the beach I had some time to actually do it this week.  Pancakes, with fresh strawberries, topped with a blueberry syrup from Maine.  Oh. My. God.  Loving life.

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N said...

Hi Donna! Thank you for keeping this Blog alive and for being so courageous in sharing your everyday life... Your journey is very inspiring to me! I am pre-transition and very much enjoy reading about your experiences and often read back on your useful tips. By the way, I have the same thing with Oceans. Just the sound alone can clear out any unecessary thought for a moment. I never felt as emotional about spring as I do now, and I can't believe people don't see the beautiful wonders that happen every day in nature...

Have a great week and enjoy the spring!

N. from Berlin, Germany