Monday, April 2, 2012

Home again. And happy....

This will be short....

I'm home.  I had a full day at workI've unpacked.  And I'm getting ready for bed.

The small cut on my face seems much larger today now that it's scabbed over and healing.  I've had a throbbing headache that started as a dull pain when I got up at 4 this morning to catch my flight and has steadily gained steam all day long.  Now that I'm home I've had a chance to lay down for a while and it is feeling a little better.

I'm tired.  I'm a bit sore.

But mostly, I'm glad to be home.

I appreciate all the kind words that have come my way on this last little adventure.  A couple of people have written expressing concern that I might be significantly disappointed and, honestly, I'm not.  There's a peace that comes with knowing that you've done your best regardless of the outcome.  I truly don't measure what has happened by wins.  I measure it be simply being there.

Some may argue that that's what people who lose say.  Perhaps so.  But it's true.  I'm really fine, and for the first time in a long time I can put things in my mouth and wonder when I'll be able to burn them off....

I've done my best to regain the ten pounds I lost last week.  Not really, but my body is much happier there.   I expect that's where it will eventually settle.

In bigger-picture news, I see that the Miss Universe pageant has reinstated Jenna Talackova by backing off the alleged "natural born woman" requirement (details here, and here).  They've said she can compete so long as she can provide appropriate gender recognition documentation just like any other competitor, and similar to other competitions.  That is absolutely the way it should have been all along, and it's nice to see that all of this pressure has had an impact.

Jenna had retained legal council in both Canada and the US, and was planning to hold a press conference tomorrow.  Do you think that had something to do with it??   That, and the worldwide visibility that this has received.  Now THAT was amazing.  This kind of stuff happens all the time, but it's typically glossed over or hidden so it never gets that kind of momentum.

Regardless of how it happened, I applaud the Miss Universe people for ultimately doing the right thing.

I'm happy that things have played out as they have although I have a strange feeling that this isn't over.  I think there will still be some interesting developments.  I can envision that she won't want to compete now.  How can it be "fair" after all of this?  Anyway....stay tuned.

The current installment of "In The Life" is about life with Trans families.  It's called "Becoming Me", and the entire thing is available online (watch it here).

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