Sunday, November 25, 2012

List People

I've spoken in the past about how some relationships in our lives are like tides....sometimes in, and strong.  Sometimes out and distant - sometimes for a significant period of time.

But when you get back together again - regardless of time or distance between encounters - it's just like it always always was.  Strong.  Comfortable.  Significant.

That's how I feel about my bed.  We were reunited again last night, if even if simply for a night or two, and man-oh-man was it nice.  I slept like a baby.  I woke and lay for a while to simply soak it in.  And I made her with care knowing I'll need to hit the road again but she'll be here waiting.

The trip home yesterday was long and uneventful, and I really have no complaints  I got to the airport early, both to avoid potential delays of traffic or crowds (there was none) and to try to get an earlier flight (couldn't).  So, by the time I landed at 9:30 it seemed that I had been gone for far longer than simply the two days over Thanksgiving.  No matter.  It's nice to be home.

I'm a list person.  I do better when I make lists.  I realize that my iPhone can do lists, too, and I sometimes use her for that.  But in some ways I'm still old fashioned so a piece of paper and a pen are still the two important ingredients of making a list for me.  I think I get it from my mom - I mentioned that she had a list of things for me to do while I was there - and I can remember them from my entire life with her.  Now I do them.

Anyways, I've got a list for today and every few minutes I think of something new and add it.  If this keeps up I'm going to need to start writing on the back of it.  It's not even 7am and I'm getting ready to head out to work on my list.

I expect to update this later....once I've gotten into my list and back home.  :)

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Sophie Lynne said...

You never mentioned checking the lists twice!


Hope you have a great week!