Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Welcome to my Balance

So, if it's the middle of the week I must be in a hotel.  It is, and I am.  They know me here, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

I'm watching something on CNBC titled "The Costco Craze".  I've been a Costco fan (and member) for 15 years - since before it was Costco.  The first place I went to change my name after I got the court order was the DMV.  The second was the bank.  The third was....well....Costco.  As I watch how crazed others are about the place I don't feel so bad.

Did you know they sell 55 million of those rotisserie chickens each year?  55 friggin' million!!  Frankly, I think that's the best value in all of food but that's a whole other story.  The average number of items in a Costco is 400, compared to 4,000 at a normal size grocery store and over 100,000 at a Walmart.  They don't mark anything up over 15%.  Their single biggest selling item is Costco toilet paper...they sell enough in a year to go around the world over a thousand times.  They sell over $1 billion in wine (that Costco that sells the most wine is the one I started at - in Scottsdale)!  The whole thing is fascinating.

I'm not ashamed to say it, I'll be a Costco member until the day I die.  When my truck needs new tires they'll be on sale, and they'll come from Costco.  When I buy wine, I half-joke that if Costco doesn't sell it then it's probably too high-brow for me.

It's almost 8:30 and I've been awake a long time.  I'll be headed to bed soon.  I'll work a full day tomorrow.  Then I'm planning to drive home.  The only thing that could change the plans is that I've been asked to help interview someone Friday and I'm hoping I can get out of that.  We'll see.

My last entry was about choices.  A friend (and reader of this blog) recently went to her first appointment to begin HRT...

I don't know how many people can point to a single event in their life that totally changed the course of everything that came after it.  I can.  The single, most profound, most impactful event in my entire life was the day I got my first estrogen shot.  Once that happened, Pandora's Box had opened and there was no closing it ever again.

I'll never forget it....standing there in the doctor's office with my butt cheek being prepared for an injection.   My mind raced with questions....why?  where would this lead?  How could this be?  This is crazy!?  But regardless, that bi-weekly injection was became like a life preserver for a long time.

Where does it lead?  It leads to the rest of your life.  Hang on, Miss Sophie.  It's about to get funner.

Speaking of shots in my butt - the antibiotic shot I got on Monday still friggin' hurts!  Owww.  I won't forget this for a long time.

Needless to say I'm happy with the way the election played out.  It's similar to how I envisioned it.  And, not surprisingly, the loser "blame game" has already started.  They'll be doing that for the next two years....and they're already talking about 2016.

Anyway - time to get ready for some zzzz's.  It may sound hectic, but I'm pretty much used to this at the moment.  Welcome to my balance....


Anonymous said...

Personally not happy with the election results but here's something to think about.

The legislature is still divided between the parties, if you agree with Obama's policies be aware he will have no easier time passing them than he did before the election. Absolutely none of the results gave him or the democratic party any advantage. None.

I won't wade into the politics of it any deeper. But this win,because they didn't take the House simply means another four years that looked like the previous two.

Sophie Lynne said...

I look forward to the funner part. I'll be glad to be a Genuine person, and to stop pretending. TY for your good wishes! (and the shout out!)

For Anonymous- so you're admitting the GOP only cares about the GOP and not the best interests of the USA at heart? makes it easier for any American who loves their country to vote straight ticket AGAINST them, I'd say.

Anonymous said...


I won't get into a knock down political drag out. I'll reply by asking, should someone from either party go along with,and vote for the policies of their opponants if they don't agree with them?
The GOP would say the Dems only care about their agenda and not about the country.
As for voting a straight ticket,if you beleive in what your party stands for,(which ever one that is), then why would you vote in such a way that would create a log jam in the process? Why wouldn't you vote a straight ticket?