Monday, November 19, 2012

Night Break

It's a little before 2am and I'm at my usual hotel in Raleigh for work. The good news is that I was dead tired tonight and asleep before 9. The bad that I'm typing when I should be sleeping. No worries, tho. I expect to get some more z's in a few.

I need the sleep where I can get it. I drove to Raleigh Sunday night. Worked all day yesterday. And I've got another fairly full day planned this today. Then, I'll hit the road along with everyone else for the 300 mile drive back to Charleston.

I've got a 5:30am flight on Thursday, I'll be out with the Door Buster shoppers before dawn on Friday, I fly back to Charleston on Saturday, and then on Sunday or Monday I'll need to drive back to where I am now. Busy week ahead.

This is my first blog entry typed on my iPad. Blogger hasn't had an app that worked well on it until recently so this is a bit of a test.

I'm trying to place a photo from back home in this but can't seem to understand how to put it where I want it. It seems to want to put it at the end. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll just have to get a bit more sleep and revisit tomorrow.

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