Saturday, June 1, 2013

Do Some Adventure

Today is Adventure day.  It's the type of day I never let myself have when I was working in Raleigh because I was always so anxious to get back to Charleston on the weekends.  The thing about being in Nebraska is that I'm too far away to get back to Charleston every weekend.  It's a good thing, in a way, because it not only provides the opportunity to get to know the area it makes that a necessity.

I've already scoped out some local places of interest....the local dive shops, the malls, the gyms, the DSW Shoe Warehouse, the downtown area...that I'm going to visit today.  I'm looking to rent a spot to live.

Yesterday was another of those nights where I just hit a wall and was ready to sleep.  I was in bed by shortly after 9, which of course meant that I was awake before 5.  Thankfully, I slept well so I've been using those early morning hours to do some online investigating.  I'm getting ready to leave the house to do it in person now.

Yesterday was the first day it didn't rain here this week.  Given the dangerous weather in Oklahoma (and even further south in Nebraska) it could certainly be worse.  Parts of the day are sunny and bright. But the clouds can build and the thunder move through in less than an's unique.

Anyway - I'm off to do some adventure.  We'll see how it goes.

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