Monday, June 3, 2013

Doing Pretty Well

Today marks one week since I first arrived in Nebraska.  That may not seem like much, but I'm still in some level of denial/disbelief/amazement at it all.  Today was the nicest day since I arrived - a beautiful, bright, coolish kind of day.  Really, really nice.

I'm getting closer to making more substantial long-term living arrangements here (by long-term, I mean six months).  Unless something implodes, I've pretty much made my choice and now it's just a matter of going through the logistics and taking care of the details.  We'll see.  One of the lessons I learned from my time in Raleigh that staying in hotels for weeks on end sucks, and the fact that this is too far away for me to flee back home every weekend requires more "homey" arrangements.  Anyway - it's a work in progress.

I'm not giving up my home base in South Carolina.  Au contraire.  I hold it dearer now than I ever did.  But the reality is that I'll be renting my space north of Charleston and an apartment here for LESS than I paid for my spot downtown.  Pretty crazy, huh?  I looked at a few lofts downtown here on Saturday and although they were nice the fact of the matter is that my "downtown" life in Charleston was an anomaly rather than a new habit.  Charleston is unique.....

I'm going back home Friday.  Unless something significant happens to change my mind, I'll be driving back late on Saturday and all day on Sunday.  It's a 1,300 mile drive.  I've done that in a single day before (it's similar to Austin->Phoenix, Dallas->Charleston, Rochester->Charleston) but I'd prefer not to if I can avoid it.  Anyway, that's a plan that's still forming so we'll see how it actually plays out.

Work is fine.  I was at the gym 3 days in a row, taking today off.  I'm getting generally enough sleep.  All in all - I'm doing pretty well.  I think.


Chloe Prince said...

Glad you are doing well Donna... Miss you :)

sweetbrandigirl2004 said...

Donna you jump around like a mexican jumping But whats the point of driving back the Charleston if it's going to take you the whole weekend to get there ? I mean don't you have to be back at work on Monday ?