Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crazy, or just crazed?

I'll be the first to admit it.  I'm crazy.

What prompts me to share this about myself?  Well, first of all, it's probably no secret.  Crazy is simply an altered state of mind sometimes.

I'm crazy because my beloved Buffalo Bills have turned a once promising season into a train-wreck (see an oh-so-true story here).  Again.  And I can't help but wonder if they had tanked from week one as expected whether it would be less disappointing.  But in a line from Avatar, "Eventually, you've got to wake up".  And we did.  To a nightmare.

The craziness is that my team is my team, thirty years ago, twenty years, ago ten years ago, today, and for however long I know who I am.  I can't help it.  It's not a choice, believe me, because I'd much rather a follow a team that actually won Super Bowls once in a while.  But we don't.  And, they're still my team.

I'm nothing if not loyal.  Or crazy.

More specifically, though, I'm crazy because I'll be at an airport tomorrow.  On the busiest travel day of the year (42.5 million of us will be traveling for Thanksgiving!) I'll be flying to Dallas to spend Thanksgiving with my mom.  Then, I'll do it in reverse over the weekend.  If that's not crazy I don't know what is.  At least I'm not alone (there are 42.5 million of us), and for others who may be in the same pickle you might want to take a look at this T-Day Travel Survival Guide.

But as I've said in years past Thanksgiving is a special Holiday for me.  It is unique each year because it truly does provide time to pause and give thanks.  And I do.

It's a time for family, and with my mom at 82 years old I'm thankful for every Thanksgiving we get to spend together.  For her I'm willing to brave airports, and crazed people, and more general travel upheaval.  Why?  Because its' my mom, because I'm crazy, and...I'm nothing if not loyal.  And I'm consistent.

This has been a whirlwind week.  I've started a new project so I'm buried deep under the weight of on-boarding.  I'm finishing up some loose ends, while at the same time trying to arrange other complicated logistics.  It's been a good week, though, and I hope it continues as such.

Tonight the small group that's my workgroup (3 of us) went out for Happy Hour.  It was our first opportunity to bond outside of the 10 hours a day we spend looking at each other across our desks.  Plus alcohol is a wonderful team builder and/or social lubricant.

We've been filling out background check forms, taking online training courses, and generally coming up to speed very quickly - we've all been hired specifically for this monster project.  And after tonight's time together I can honestly say we're a pretty cool group and I'm looking forward to our working together.  I like our dynamics...

But back to the crazy thing....Last year I drove down to Charleston from Harrisburg with a turkey in my trunk.  I left the house at 4am in hopes of getting there in time to cook, and then eat.  I did.  I can say without hesitation that I'd much rather be in the air over the next few days than in a car.  But I may find myself choking on those words by the time I get back.  I hope not.

I have a couple of interesting things to share tonight before I get to bed...

One is an intriguing study that finds that Trans workers who are "Out" at work have higher overall job satisfaction (see details here).

Another is the recent publication of a new book titled "The Lives of Transgender People" (see story here).  I remember a time when there were no books at all about the lives of trans people - period.  That's one of the reasons I published mine, because it would have been so helpful for me at the time.  And although I haven't read this book I think it's important to have these kinds of mainstream opportunities to share.  Columbia University Press published this book, and that's the same publisher who published my dads last books.  Getting that kind of recognition from an academic press isn't easy - Lord don't I know - so although I admittedly don't read much, I'm intrigued.

And with that - I'll wish anyone and everyone who somehow happens to read what I share here a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.  May you be safe, be happy, and be at peace - wherever you are.


Mae West said...

There is nothing crazy about caring about your family or your favorite team! This is just being a good, solid person. I hope your new job is going well and that your feet have found terra firma.

As for the study that finds that Trans workers who are "Out" at work have higher overall job satisfaction, I wish that a girl that I care very much about at work could be "Out". I am saddened about how she tells people that her children are her "nieces" and "nephews" and that she has never been married. I wish that she could feel free to be herself, because there are those of us who love her for her true self.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your mother and know that you are blessed that she is still here to celebrate it with you!

Sophie Lynne said...

have a great thanksgiving!

Going to buy that book you mentioned...

sweetbrandigirl2004 said...

Donna I certainly feel your pain…I've been a Dallas Cowboys Fan even since I was knee high to a grasshopper,despite the fact that year after year they crash and burn. You'd think with all the money their organization has they be able to put together a winning team.
About this study I'd have to disagree while thats a nice thought I'd don't agree that most people or employers are accepting or willing to hire Trans people, if they were as accepting as this studies says then unemployment wouldn't be the biggest challenge facing most trans people. I believe those that have followed the SOC and completed transition blending back into society have the most satisfaction not only in their job but also in life when speaking solely about trans people. Lastly hope you have a Happy
Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with you mom. Family truly is the most important part of the holidays, I went to Langley to see my son for Thanksgiving before he deploys on Saturday. He is my ONLY family so he is very Important to me.