Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So worthwhile

This will be a short post.  It's almost midnight, and I'm dead tired.

I'm staying with friends in Northern Virginia for a week of events in the Washington DC area.  I took the train here on Saturday - very pleasant, and far more autumn color than I expected.  Sunday was a "calm before the storm" day.  And yesterday was - well - the start of the storm.

I've got a number of full days this week.  Yesterday I did 2 training events to support an employee transitioning at the US Geological Survey.  Today I gave two different talks at Georgetown University, and had a planning meeting of the Dept. of the Interior.

Tomorrow I do an entire day of training with various groups to support an employee transitioning at the DOI. And on Thursday I do an event to which all Federal Employees are being invited.  I hope that both my voice and energy can last that long.

Half of the craziness is about trying to get from place to place where I need to be.  Today I was on trains, busses, cabs, a couple of miles of walking ---- it's a good thing it never started raining.  But somehow, it all works out.  And if I didn't have a cold at the beginning of the week I'll have a cold bu the end of the week because people are coughing all over the place.  Tis the Season, I suppose.  And although the weather has been unseasonably warm over the past days it has already started raining and that changes some of the dynamics.

These kinds of opportunities are huge.  I'm thrilled to be an active participant in things so worthwhile.

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Sophie Lynne said...

I seem to recall a certain Donna saying she WASN'T going to do this sort of thing anymore.

You can't avoid who you are- and YOU are someone who teaches.

And that, among other things, makes you amazing!