Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quite the week

In the midst of all this coming and going I caught a cold.  I'm staying with a friend who has a cold but, thankfully, my flavor of cold is significantly milder than her flavor of cold.  She's coughing, has a nose running like a faucet, and has had a fever of 102.  The main issue with my own cold is a raw, sore throat.  And I'm just feeling worn down.  But given enough cough drops and Tylenol it's far from a show-stopper.

Today's talk at the DOI was very probably in the nicest location I've even spoken in.  There's an 800 seat auditorium just off the entrance to the building that President Obama used for the Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal Signing Ceremony.  There was an interpretor, two big video cameras - very impressive.  They taped the talk so I'll be interested to see the results.

Yesterday's training sessions to support a transitioning employee there were equally as successful, and the surroundings were no less historic.  We were in the 7th floor Penthouse at the DOI, and it was the room where FDR used to give his "Fireside Chats"  We got a brief tour of the room that used to hold all the sound equipment - if walls could talk that room could certainly tell quite the story.  Anyway, it's quite the amazing building.

And, Tuesday night's event at Georgetown was successful as well (story here).  All things considered, this has been quite the week.

This has been quite a week in several aspects of the trans world, as well.  Massachusetts passed a state-wide anti-discrimination law through both houses (story here).   And as I mentioned last week yesterday's Anderson Cooper daytime talk show was devoted to the topic of trans kids (story here).

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All things considered, it has been quite the week.

Now - time for a nap.  I've earned one.  :)

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