Friday, November 11, 2011

Lots of Ones

Today is 11-11-11.  I put a little video up on FB to commemorate the day.  I was actually planning to do it at 1:11 but got a phone call so it was a little late.  Oh well. 

I have been in Charleston all week and it seems that the pace of things has been pretty brisk.  Between work, taking care of various loose ends, preparing for some stuff I'm doing next week, working out a couple of times, meeting a couple of friends for dins, and general running around the days have flown by.  And since my time zone clock is all messed up I haven't been sleeping well, which actually makes the day more productive because there's just more time.

I'm a big believer in having options.  I've got a number of significant options in my world right now and have been weighing them - it hasn't been easy.  I even called my mom the other night to discuss with her.  I think she enjoyed momming me - it's not often that I call her and really want her opinion on things.  And these are not small things...these are pretty big things.

Anyway - nothing has been settled yet because I'm still weighing options and haven't talked with everyone I need to talk with.  But I suppose it's better to have options than to not.

I'll be on a train all day tomorrow.  It's a 10 hour trip from here to DC on Amtrak and costs $82 with AAA discount.  Not bad.  I'd pay that much any day to avoid having to deal with the I-95 craziness around DC, and the thought of sitting in a big chair with AC power watching a movie or two is much more pleasant than trying to fight crowds at the airport.  The weather up and down the east coast this weekend is shaping up as very pleasant late fall weather, with sun, so I truly can't complain.

I'm going to DC for several reasons.  On Monday I'm doing a trainnig for a government agency for an employee transitioning there.  On Tuesday I'm speaking at Georgetown University (link here), and there are a couple of planning meetings.  I'd love to be able to go to the NCTE event but schedules won't allow it.

Wednesday and Thursday I'll be doing trainings all day at another agency for another employee who will be transitioning.  And Friday - well, that hasn't filled up yet.  We'll see how it goes.  :)

That's a condensed list of stuff going on in my world right now.  Thankfully - I'm ok with it all.  For now.

Off to the gym.  I need to get a good run in before being cooped up in a train all day tomorrow.  Nothing but fun.  :)


Mae West said...

Donna, you made a special effort to wish everybody a good 11-11-11, but you didn't mention anything about it being Veterans Day today. This surprises me, especially since your mother served in the Army.

Did you forget that today is Veterans Day or did you simply not wish to acknowledge it?

Snark said...

Mae: I'm sure Donna thought that you'd covered everything that needed to be said about Veterans Day on YOUR blog.

Mae West said...
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Mae West said...

Snark: I was asking Donna a question, not you. And by the way, I don't give a hang what you think, so put that on YOUR blog!

Sophie Lynne said...

I hope your journies are safe. DC isn't far from Philly. Just sayin'! ;)

Mae West said...

Snark: Actually, I did commemorate Veterans Day in My Blog. You are mentioned there, so have a look, if you dare:

P.S. If you would like to be take seriously, get a name and face.