Friday, November 18, 2011

What Next

Today is the first day I've woken up in quite a while and not had something pressing to do.  Good thing, too, because my cold doesn't seem to want to stop and I think I was awake and tossing last night as much as I was in some level of sleep.  My Nyquil stupor lasted until noon.

Today is a day of rest, and hopefully of healing up.  I've got a ticket to the NGLCC National Dinner in DC tonight but the rational voice in my head tells me I need to stay home and get some rest, not out gettin' fancy.  I'd really like to see friends that will be there, but the next week will be a crazy one so I need to be careful.

I'm at another of those interesting places in life.  Competing options but no clear decisions.  Chapters thought closed becoming open again, and others that seemed to be just beginning now seemingly delayed or abridged or just plain cancelled.  And as I consider the options in front of me I can't shake the practical realities involved.

When I arrived here last weekend I was unsure of where I'd go when the week was over.  There were a number of options and considerations that made things complicated.  But as the week has passed those decisions have been made - for better or for worse - so although there are a myriad of things I don't know right now there are some things that I do.

What I do know is that I'm beginning some new work on Monday.  It's a long-term project that I had been working on, that came to fruition late in the game, but other considerations sidetracked things for a bit.  After some serious contemplation and soul-searching I've decided that I'm going to give it a chance.  I also expect to go to Dallas to spend Thanksgiving with my mom.  It's an important Family day and we'll spend it together.  Other than that - I dunno.  But I'm ok with that.

I had a planning meeting today with the producer from CNN who has been arranging the CNN Dialogues event in Atlanta.  It's time to arrange travel and I had to make my best guess as to where I'll be coming from and where I'll want/need to go when it's done.  Anyway - those decisions are made and we'll see how things unfold.

I'm also reflecting on what a good week this was.  It was truly a joy to be involved in the various efforts that I did this week and I'm both happy and relieved that my voice and my energy both seemed to last despite this nagging cold.  Thanks to everyone who attended and provided good, positive energy.  That helped.

I have come to recognize how important a driving force that is in my world....Positive Energy.  As much as anything physical or tangible it's something I feel, something I need, something that attracts me, something that empowers me.  I like to think I have some and that I share some, but I also need it in others especially when I'm running low on it myself.  It's like a fuel and although I realize that this sounds like a bunch of metaphysical hooey it's something very clear to me.

In something more concrete, the US Dept. of Justice issued a statement today recognizing the Transgender Day of Remembrance (see it here).  I've seen several people who have referred to this as "amazing", and I'll add my voice to that chorus.  But being here in DC this week, working at the levels that I have and gauging the level of interest and involvement that there is, I guess I shouldn't be so surprised.

Next week I'll be buried in new "stuff".  As for now - it's time to relax for a change.  Then, what next.


Sophie Lynne said...

I will also add my voice to those saying "Amazing!"

Get some rest.

Mae West said...

I am sorry, it seems like the floor has fallen out from beneath your feet, Donna! I don't know you personally, but after reading your book and your posts here, I am certain that you will hit the ground running.