Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We made the 2 hr. drive from Phoenix up to picturesque ghost-town Jerome AZ for Halloween.  Jerome is an old mining town that was called the most "wickedest town in the west" in 1903.  It's now known for the ecelectic group of people there, it's scenery, and the bars/restaurants that dot the small town.  Oh - and plus, many of the buildings there are said to be haunted.

We stayed in a small bed and breakfast and it was absolutely delightful.  The people who were in our room the night before left an entry in the room Diary that they had a "ghost meter" with them that went off several times.  Maybe so, but things were wonderful.  We slept with the window and door to the patio open to get a cool cross breeze.  We shopped a bit.  I took photos.  We strolled.  A very nice way to spend Halloween.

I was home last night in time to attend wrestling practice.  It's the first time I've been back to the facility where I trained forto the 2010 US Sr. Nationals and it was actually sort of nostalgic to be back.  It was certainly nice to see my coach.  Wrestling has a unique "smell" to it - the mats, sweat, yucko - and from the moment you walk in you feel that.  Anyway, it was a pretty gruelling workout and I'm still recovering from it today. 

In mid-December I'll be going to Atlanta to serve on a panel talking about the impact of increased LGBT Visibility that's being presented by CNN and a number of other groups.  The title of the series is CNN Dialogues and they've already had a number of them. Here's a description of the topic we'll be discussing (see it here).  I'll provide more details as I get them.

I'm looking at video cameras.  I've had a number of them over the past several years and all have become obsolete or otherwise "old news" for a number of reasons.  I'm still fascinated by the intersection of video and web distribution and you can get some decent cameras for very low prices.  Anyway - it's ongoing....

That's it for now.  Short and sweet.  I'm about to upgrade my iPhone 4 to iOS 5.  Keep your fingers crossed.


Juliana Link said...

How do I contact you about using a quote from you? Thanks for your help! Juliana

Donna said...

Hey Juliana: Just send me an email if you'd Thanks!

F. J. said...

I remember staying in a bed and breakfast that was closer to Flag a number of years ago, but we visited Jerome and another town whose name I can't remember (early dementia, I guess) as well. Beautiful country.