Thursday, January 24, 2013

Feels Like Winter

I woke up in Raleigh yesterday morning and it was 19 degrees.  Brrrr.  That's the kind of cold that could convince me to grab a warm cup of coffee and head right back under the covers.  But I was at a hotel, and I had work, so the covers thing wasn't really an option.

I've been fairly out-of-touch lately.  It suppose is by design.  I've had other things occupying my time and my attention and really haven't thought about much else.  As a result, recent bigger picture the inauguration, the NFL Playoffs, and other life "stuff" has very much taken a back seat.    So, too, has my my online time.

My weekend was a wonderful one.  Relaxing.  Busy, but fun.  I was with the people I most wanted to be with.  We spent some time working in the yard, took a day trip to Myrtle Beach, watched a little football (thrilled with the Super Bowl outcomes) and a little college basketball (VERY thrilled at SU's victory over #1 Louisville), some kayaking, and time enough to get enough sleep.  All things considered - good stuff.  The week at work has been pretty good as well.  Really - no complaints other than the long commute thing.  Oh - and the 19 degrees.

We've got tickets to go see Robin Williams here in Charleston tomorrow night so that should be fun.  I'm taking a friend's daughter to the shooting range.  I've got my weekly status reports to do.  All I can say is that I'm glad I'm home, and the weekend looks to be nice.

I watched some of the news coverage of the Inauguration and remembered back to when I froze my butt off there 4 years ago.  The one thing I hope he does, more than same sex marriage, more than anything else in our community, is to pass a fully inclusive ENDA.  As far as I'm concerned the rest is nice, but all this talk about jobs and rights and equality and diversity doesn't end at the alter.  It ends at the right to get and have and keep a job free from discrimination.

I had a chat with someone recently about the fact that although technically I'm left handed because I eat and write with my left hand, I do most other things with my right hand.  That led to a series of exercises to determine my "dominant" eye.  It was pretty remarkable to identify that my left eye is dominant, and during my most recent visit to the gun range I found to my surprise that it was true.  All this time I've been using my right eye to aim, and I've actually done pretty good.  But with my left eye, and a slight adjustment to my stance -- well, the difference was startling.

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