Friday, January 4, 2013

My groove.

Today has felt like the most "normal" day of the week.  That is, I drove back from Raleigh late  yesterday and worked from home the same as any other Friday.  As far as I'm concerned now that all the tumult of the election and the Holidays are behind us the best thing to do is to get into a groove for a little while.  Well - for better or for worse - this is my groove.

A couple of things from today are worth mention....

First, I went to Barre class again.  I'm still loving them, and can see myself going three times a week for a long time to come.  My Groupon "starter" sessions are almost over so I'll need to get serious about 'em.  Next class for me:  Sunday.

These classes are part of a bigger effort on my part.  My goal of reshaping my body a bit, gaining some of my flexibility, and taking more control of my overall health is at the forefront of my thinking right now.  I'm not thinking about it as a New Years Resolution so much as a good time to just get back to it.

The second item of the day is that I went to see the doctor today.  Over the past several months she had been concerned about my blood pressure.  We weren't sure it the high readings were due to stress, to some sort of physical cause, or if it was something short-term or persistent.  Well, a month ago she put me on some new BP meds that we wanted to try for a few weeks.

My BP today was as near "normal" as it has been in a long time.  That was good news.  I also got my estrogen shot.  That's always good....

I really like my doctor.  She gave me a light check-up, but my annual "major" check-up will be next month to coincide with my birthday.  I'm hoping there are no major surprises like the melanoma news from 2009.  I also go in to get my blood checked each year, so I can compare it against previous draws.  Anyway - that's all ready to happen over the next few weeks.

I made the mistake of seeing how much I weigh.  Yeesh.  I've mentioned in the past that I don't weigh myself - so although I've got a general sense of my size based on how my clothes fit I don't know exactly.  Well, after what I saw at the doctors office today I can confidently say that by the time my birthday rolls around in 6 weeks I will have lost a dozen pounds.  And I'll expect to stay there for a long time.

I've signed up for some free courses on Recording at Guitar Center over the next few weeks.  It's probably a mistake to go to these things as I've always been interested, and I can see myself getting "hooked".  I don't need another hobby.  Oh well.  That, plus some time at the gym, should fill up most of the first half of the day....

As for today - I expect to be in bed by 10 or shortly after.  These are long weeks regardless of if I'm in a groove or not.  The good news is that I generally sleep well.  :)

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