Thursday, January 31, 2013

Purse Change

I've written about this before, but it's time to write about it again.

A purse is a personal thing.  I know some people who change the purses they carry on a daily basis to match clothes or for some other style or convenience reason.  I don't do that.  I carry the same purse for a long time.  The purse I've been carrying for the past 6 months or so is a black Coach satchel purse, and in fact is the same purse that was stolen out of the trunk of the car in Utah back in 2009.  They found it at the bottom of a ravine...and it was none the worse for wear.  Thankfully, I don't believe in bad karma....after all, it's a Coach bag.

I've got a half-dozen purses that I use over and over, and get a new one for one reason or another every three or four years.  Otherwise, I simply move my stuff from one to another and it almost makes each one seem new again.  A purse is a very personal thing....the size, the number of pockets, how it looks, what it's made's a statement as much as a carrying case, I suppose.  Anyway, today I traded out one of my purses for another of them.  I realize it's not earth-shattering news, but it's just one of those things you gain a sense of appreciation for being able TO do. 

This one is bigger.  But when it comes to purses bigger isn't always's easier to lose things in it.

I'm also going through the process of copying my massive CD collection into iTunes.  My CD's are in book boxes, and I can never get to whatever it is I'm looking for.  Anyway, I got a hard drive just to store my music library so part of my days while I'm here involves copying the CD's to my iMac.  It's going to take a long time.  I've got lots of music.

I see that the Boy Scouts are reconsidering their ban against gay scouts.  It's about time.  I see that women are now allowed in combat roles.  It's about time.  I see that some moron on the 49ers was asked about gay players and he said that there are none on his team, and if there were they'd have to leave (see here).  Everyone is entitled to opinions.  The funny thing is, if we replaced the word "gay" with "colored", or "Hispanic" or any number of other groups that at one time or another fought for inclusion - it's still the same ignorance.  And there's nothing new about this conversation - I'm confident that most of the players in the league feel similarly.  That's a problem.

I look forward to the day that an NFL Team has a real LGBT "training".  It might not change anything - but the fact that people recognize the problem and provide the beginnings of awareness to address it is more than symbolic.

Anyway....just wait until the first big name NFL name comes out as gay.  These conversations are going to get a whole lot louder.

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