Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Better Bal

Life gets busy sometimes to the point I don't write here for some number of days.  Usually when that happens, it's a good thing.  This time it is.

Some post-weekend observations:

The Super Bowl feels a little like the election (or vice versa).  All the build-up.  The event.  And now - all the post-game stuff.  About everything.  The game.  The power outage.  The commercials.  Which coach did a better job.  The Halftime Show.  Individual players.  The draft.  Next season.  Best SB ever?  Oy.

I dunno.  This year I just wasn't feeling it.  I curled into bed during the power outage and that's where I watched the last quarter. I was asleep within a couple of minutes and didn't see any of the post-game hoopla.

I've never missed a Super Bowl.  In fact, I remember the first one vividly because we watched it at some friends of my parents who had a color tv.  That was a fairly rare things in those days so going to someone's house who had one was memorable.

I've been to 4 Super Bowls in person and in my experience, if your team isn't playing it's more fun to watch on tv than to attend. But now, it's something I typically look forward to and in this case I didn't have a significant investment in either team.  I'm glad it was a good game.  And now, it's a long drought until training camp starts next summer.

Oddly, the election remains alive and well here.  There's campaigning for a "special election" because one of our Representatives was recently named to replace retiring US Senator Jim Demint.  So, that spot is open.  Oy.  It's the same old stuff that broadcast almost non-stop around here for what seemed like years before the Presidential election.  Anyway - it feels like Groundhog Day.

Speaking of Groundhog Day - apparently Puxatawny Phil didn't see his shadow on Saturday so spring is coming early?  Fine by me. 


I recently alluded to the fact that there is change in the air for me.  All I'll say for now is that I'm on an active countdown to end my weekly 600+ mile commute.  One chapter of my career will be closing, and there's an opportunity for what comes next.  The main ingredient it needs is to provide better balance.

I'm enjoying my time here right now with a certain someone and that certainly affects how I'm feeling about balance because it's a constant reminder that there is more to life than just work.  We're already getting the boat ready for summer.  We've been out kayaking.  Work - important.  But I'm looking forward to making better use of the 9+ hours of driving I spend going to and from work every week.

That's not to say my next role will necessarily be here in Charleston.  As a contractor, the key to the entire thing is timing.  Opportunities come and go, and the key is being available or not.  I suppose it's kind of like relationships.  Anyway, I'll work on this over the next few weeks but have very much enjoyed the work we've done over these last several months.  I only wish it was closer.

We'll see how things play out.

I was looking back over some of my blog entries from 2004-2005.  It has been quite a ride.  These blog entries gain value over time, at least for me they do.  It's fascinating to see what has happened once you've got the context of time to consider it all.  Anyway, I find writing in general to be a healthy outlet....I think that's going to be a theme of a workshop I suggest for SCC this year.

Some may know that Dr. Meltzer in Scottsdale is someone I both admire and truly love.  For several years I worked with his patients during their recovery, and I struck up several friendships that continue today.  There is a little "event" there this week to celebrate his 10th anniversary in Scottsdale.  I truly wish I could be there in person....but life gets in the way sometimes.  I'll be there in spirit.

I hope to be in Scottsdale within a month for a visit - some things going on there that I'm not ready to talk about yet because they're not fully baked.  But I've talked before about my need to go back and get the rest of my "stuff" that has been living in a storage unit there.  There may be a cross-country drive in my near future....stay tuned.

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Sophie Lynne said...

Due to work, I only caught the last quarter of the game.

I'm glad Baltimore won, but only because I lived there for 9 years and I know how much the city loves their team.

I haven't seen an entire Super bowl in years. I'm usually working on Sundays.

I hope that the changes that you hint bring you the balance you seek.