Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I'm sitting in the parking lot, waiting to go into the doctor's office for my annual blood work. Yuck. I'll be a lot happier in an hour, when it's over and I've got a cup of coffee in me.

I get It checked once a year as part of my annual "birthday" physical ritual. The actual physical itself is around the corner, and my semi-annual visit to the dermatologist is on the horizon as well.

It's Valentine's Day. I've explained how I feel about this manufactured non-holiday in the past and my feelings haven't changed. It's not that I'm necessarily down on some of the things it supposedly represents - it's the pressure of the Holiday itself that gets me crazy. I always plug into "Love Sucks" radio on Pandora this time of year, and so far this year is no different.  Bah Humbug.

I adopted my own unique love song a few years ago and seem to share it here every year around this time.  When this song changes, you'll know that something in me has changed.  But here we are again - and here it is again.

Nine Inch Nails - Love is Not Enough....

Love it.

Perhaps one thing responsible for my fairly negative world view right now is news yesterday that the IOC is dropping Wrestling from the 2020 Olympics.  Wrestling is one of 9 sports contested in the modern version of the Olympics in 1896, and now this?  Rhythmic Gymnastics and Synchronized swimming are in....but a foundational sport like Wrestling is somehow out???  That's absolutely asinine.  All I can say is that wrestlers are a fairly hardy bunch and will not take this quietly.  I don't think this is over.

It shows just how out of touch the IOC has become with the games that they are purported to represent. And the articles coming out now that the shock has settled somewhat have been very interesting.  Here's one Forbes (link here).  Here one in the LA Times (link here).   Here's one in the Washington Pose (link here).  It's absolutely mind-boggling to me.  Anyway - as I say I don't think this is over.

Gotta go get poked by a needle. More later.


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Sophie Lynne said...

I hope the appointment went well!

My fave love song was and still is "Love Stinks" by the J. Geils Band.


I agree that this wrestling thing isn't over yet. there will be litigation.