Monday, February 25, 2013


The pups and I will be up early in the morning for our last drive to Raleigh.  I'm turning over my remaining projects, and then I'll be done.  I would have preferred to do this without getting the dogs involved but there's no other way.  Thankfully, we stay at "dog friendly" hotels and they're pretty accustomed to traveling.  But it's a drag to keep them cooped up in a hotel (or, in my truck) all day.

One of the themes I touched on in my last post was the trait to be willing to do what it takes to get something done.  Frankly, I think it's a rarer trait than many of us realize as many people spend way too much time waffling and not enough time doing.  Although I could name a number of down-sides to the "do-what-it-takes" mentality I'm willing to accept them for the sake of actually getting things done.  Everything has down sides.  And, "down" is typically in the eye of the beholder far more than an absolute.

My son is going thru one of those right now.  He has decided to relocated to Boulder, CO.  He doesn't know a soul there, he just drive thru that blizzard, but he has made a decision so he's going to make it happen.  I'm actually a little nervous for him about it, but then again no matter how old our kids get we never stop being "parents".

The good news from my melanoma check today is that there isn't anything that appears worrisome.  The one piece of "eh" news is that apparently I've got a cyst the size of a walnut on my back somewhere so I'll be headed back in a couple of weeks to have that excised.   

I recently went to see the new Die Hard movie.  I'll be honest - I've enjoyed all the Die Hard movies except one.  And I thought the last one was one of the best.  Anyway, I realize that it may not be a hit with critics (most seem to hate it) we're not embarrassed to admit that we both enjoyed it (although I can't speak for the one other guy in the theater while we were there).  It was just kinda "fun", and that's one of the reasons we go to the movies for.  I stopped gauging which movies to go see by what the critics think a long time ago.

Speaking of movies - I was in bed before the Oscars got underway last night but was glad to see that the actress from Silver Lining Playbook won the Oscar for best actress.  That was still my most favorite movie of last year, and she was great.  I watched her post-Oscar interview, and she seems as genuine in person as she appears on screen (link here).

Lastly - back to the dueling "Romance" discussions I've had recently - it's important to realize that I've got some very effective walls and it takes a lot for them to come down.  Sometimes I'll provide a peek at what's behind the walls, but the reality of it is that "walls" are an important component of self-preservation.  I could spend an hour talking about walls....different kinds of walls, built for different reasons....but suffice it to say that I know these things about myself and I'm comfortable with them.  Just because something is part of a "wall" doesn't make it any less real.  If anything - it can make it "more" real because sometimes the wall is there in the first place is that it's something we're sensitive about.

Anyway - my walls are a constant Yin/Yang of push and pull, of moving, of trying to make sense of things.  Like many things in these entries some will scratch their heads at that.  Others will consider it as psycho-babble.  And others....well, you'll get it without more explanation.

Oh - one last thing for tonight.  I'm going to be the PRIDE month keynote speaker for the CIA.  I'm looking forward to that.  :)


Sophie Lynne said...

I guess I'm odd... the only Die hard i liked was the first, and i LOVED that one.

Congrats on the speaking engagement!

Walls are very useful, despite what Frost thinks...


Kaye Fox said...

Congratulations on being keynote speaker. I know you will be a hit. LOL