Monday, February 11, 2013


I had a pleasant weekend.  My definition of pleasant is doing things I want, being with people I want to be with, not feeling too much, pressure, and generally just enjoying life.

It seems like we're always looking to use superlatives.  Wonderful.  Incredible.  Amazing.  And these things do happen.  But so many things are "pleasant"....something positive and good and comfortable.

I got a lot done over the weekend, or, at least I feel like I did.  There are a ton of things I didn't get done, but I don't dwell on those things. 

For whatever didn't get done, well, there will be another time.  In this case - it's what did get done that counts.

Planning for the Miami Boat Show.  An afternoon sailing around Charleston Harbor on a boat similar to the ones that are interesting us right now.  A certain someone took some video of part of the adventure and I'll share it here....we both had a blast.  I can't take any credit whatsoever for her skill to put these things together the way she does.  The credit is all hers....

It's fascinating to talk with people who live what I think most would consider "non-traditional" lives.  People who live on boats seem to fall into that category.  Captain Mike and his wife have lived on that boat for a number of years and it was truly a joy spending the afternoon with them.  Some wine and cheese, beautiful weather, great company.  It was just what we needed.

As a side note - I find the older I get the more comfortable I get with non-traditional.  I was raised to be fairly traditional, and I think even through my transition trying to fit into traditional compartments was part of my thinking.  But as I get older, and I become more aware of the unconventional nature that some of us take to get from here to there the more I appreciate similar thinkers.  We're rarer than you think because there's a price to day....

Anyway - I'll make no bones about it.  If I have my way there will be a big sailboat in our not too far off future.  We've started the process of talking to people, and we both have friends who have lived on boats.  But part of this process is seeing if it's something that feels even remotely as we envision.

Yesterday - we were cutting through the water. And it was....well...better than pleasant.  It was magical.  If you could put yourself into that video, and feel boat cutting through the water, the wind filling the sails, the wind and ocean spray in your face....I think you'd come up with that same word.  Magical.

Anyway - later this week we're headed down to the mother of all boat shows - where this will lead?  Well....I hope it leads right back to where we were yesterday.  Except we won't be visitors on someone else's boat.  We'll be captains of our own.

But closer on my horizon is my health.  I went off my BP meds to see what it looks like without "help".  Eeek.  Not good.  I went to Costco to buy a blood pressure cuff so I can monitor it better but haven't put it together yet.  I was actually wonderful last time on the meds.  At my most recent check:

Admittedly, getting checked at the supermarket might not be the most conducive place for a low reading but I'm not after a low reading.  I'm after a realistic one.  So whether it's diet, or weight, or pressure, or family history.....when I have my birthday check-up next week I can tell where this conversation is going to go.

That's what birthdays are turning into for me these days.  Health tests.  Blood tests.  Any more malignant melanomas?  How's the body working.  And although I mentioned last week about my inner child the reality of a 50+ year old body is very much something that needs ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

I don't expect to live forever, but I'd like to live long enough to take out boat to the Virgin Islands...whether that's a year, two years, or five years away. 


Sophie Lynne said...

I know you'll take that boat to the Virgin islands and beyond! :)

As someone who DOESNT know anyone who lives on a boat, what do those people do when a hurricane hits?

Gwen said...

I'm surprised that wrestling hasn't done something with that BP.

paintsnfun said...

I recently dated a guy who lives on a boat. Really fun life style and so cute (both the boat and the guy).