Thursday, July 4, 2013


It was a beee-you-tee-full day here today.  90 degrees.  Sun-drenched.  Low humidity.  Just gorgeous.

I'd love to say I was on a boat, or hiking, or sitting on a dock overlooking the ocean.  Those are things that I've done for several recent July 4th's.  And while I really didn't have a bad day - my main complaint is that I've got a cold.  It started coming on last night, and has slowly worsened throughout the day.  Tonight my nose is stuffy, my throat is scratchy, I'm tired.  Not good.

I don't get sick very often which is actually fairly surprising given how much I do.  But when I do get sick it's usually a prolonged thing, so I'm not optimistic that it will have blown over by tomorrow morning.

Still, that didn't dampen my day.  I went to Trader Joe's, and did some shopping.  I grilled a hamburger, and boiled some fresh local sweet corn for dinner.  All things considered - it was a nice day off.  Except for the cold.

Someone is doing fireworks outside.  I have a feeling it won't stop me from falling asleep in a few minutes.  I need to be at work tomorrow.

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