Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The heat index outside today is upwards of 110 degrees.  That's not a complaint.  That's actually something I could get used to.  I'm at my best when things get hot.  That's not bragging....I'm just sayin'.

Things are ramping up at work.  I'm still at only 80% of full power thanks to this cold I've still got.  It's 7pm and I'm already in my PJ's - hope to be in bed by 9.  Still - I found enough energy to take my depleted, worn out, mucousy self to Five Guys for a little burger-and-fries therapy.  Whether or not there's any substantive medicinal value is irrelevant.  It did my psyche some good...sort of like a tasty placebo.

Speaking of work - I'm still enjoying it.  Thank God.  I would be in a tizzy if I'd come this far and had such high hopes for what brought me here and I hated it from the get-go.  It was a risk, and I'll be the first to admit that when you take enough risks you win some and lose some.  I think the keys go back to things we've talked about in the past.  Go with your gut.  Don't let fear rule your life.  Driving your life instead of simply being a passenger involves taking Risks.  Those are more than just flowery concepts.

I can't control everything that happens in or around my world.  I'm good with that.  Other people will do what they do.  Things will happen as they happen.  Despite all of that - I'm not afraid of myself.  I've proven to myself that there are more things I CAN control in my world than I dare to realize given the right intersection of circumstance, timing, opportunity, and "gut feeling".  Approaching life direction decisions with a general mindset of "No Regret", and recognition that there is no one "right" direction hidden among an infinite number of wrong ones helps to point the way.  The right direction is the one I choose, as that's the only one that will become real.

So, for a bigger reason than I know now, I'm here - a long way from home - but still on my journey.  Having burgers for dinner.  With a cold.

I can tell it's time for me to put myself into bed.  I hope tomorrow I'm 85% healthy and 15% cold....on the mend.  G'night!

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