Saturday, July 6, 2013

Less than Stellar

I've had a uneventful, lazy kind of day.  I didn't sleep well so I was awake at 6 which is way too early for a weekend when I don't need to be anywhere.  I lay down for an hour this afternoon but didn't want to nap for fear it would keep me awake tonight.

I went to the shooting range.  I ironed, and put away the rest of my clothes.  I bought some dishes - I'm done living with one large plate, one small plate, and one bowl.  Now, I'm watching the first Bourne movie.  Love it.

Still feeling like doo-doo, tho.  Not whining, mind you.  Just saying....

I'm minimizing my "discomfort" with a few Trader Joe's Caramel Cashew Cookies, and hot Chai Tea.

Some of the reality tv commercials on A&E are pretty icky.  "Storage Wars"??!.  "Shipping Wars"??  Really?  This is entertainment?   This is what TV has devolved into?  Maybe it's just me, but this junk seems like neither A nor E to me.

Good thing they don't go to my Storage Unit.  There's not much there.  It's unsettling to think that in the event of my untimely demise nobody knows where my storage stuff is but me and they'd eventually take it all when the monthly fees didn't get paid.  I realize it's only "stuff" and probably doesn't matter to anyone, but I'd hat to think that it'd all eventually end up on some icky reality show.  I need to make sure that doesn't happen by either (a) getting my stuff OUT of there or (b) making sure someone else does.

I'm taking some weekend summer "vacations" over the next few weeks.  A trip (or two, or three) to Charleston.  A trip to visit my son.  A trip to Dallas to see my mom.  And, most likely, a trip to Rochester.  I suppose I should enjoy the quiet weekend while it's here.  If I had to be feeling less than stellar for any of them, I suppose I'd pick this one.

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