Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hold the Drama...

My life has been complicated lately.  I've shared some of it here.  Some of it is past, some of it not.

Part of it has been making decisions about my career and my need to set some "roots"....so the complication is fairly minimal when compared to some of the past complications I've dealt with (like my transition, or the death of my dad, or my melanoma).  I think part of life is simply keeping things in perspective.

I've said before that when you're clear on your priorities, or at least you've got an over-arching set of guidelines, even the tough decisions become more obvious.  There have been times when my priority was to preserve a relationship, or to do some of my advocacy work, or to wrestle.  And right now I've got a number of priorities helping to guide things.  But one of them stands out.....No Drama.

I don't have the time, the energy, or the patience to deal with "extra" right now.  There's probably no time that anyone WANTS drama, but there are times when we know we don't want to deal with it.  I doubt it's possible to completely separate drama from an active, dynamic, complicated life.  That's like separating the night from the day, or tides from the moon.  They are inherently intertwined.  But that doesn't mean you can't try.

Speaking of drama, it's probably good to NOT be in Charleston today.  They got lots of rain today...not lots compared to what New Orleans is getting.  But compared to what we got here today (none) - they got lots.

Things are starting to get crazed at work.  I have a desk now.  Not a phone...which is fine...But a consistent place to dock my laptop when I'm not at meetings.

I was triple booked in meetings for most of today, so my "desk" time is minimal anyway.  This really is a hit-the-ground-running kind of place and my legs are going as fast as they can.  So far so good.  But I've been a contractor for the better part of 30 years so I've seen everything from an office with a door to a converted closet shared by a half-dozen people.  It comes with the territory.

I had two options.  I could sit upstairs with the other project managers, in a fairly large but very generic cubicle, or I could take a small desk by the window in the back corner near the folks working on the projects I'm managing.  I learned a long time ago that the size of my desk is immaterial and, in fact, I enjoy being away from "stuff" so I'm happy to choose the window seat.

The Republican Convention is on today.  I won't watch.  I really don't want to get too political here at the moment but the best thing for keeping my blood pressure down is to focus on other things.  It's not like there's a difficult decision to be made here....for me, it's clear. 

I've been so over the election for a year now.  TV, FB, the radio...everywhere you look.  The presidential process has become such drudgery.  As November gets closer it's just gonna get worse.  I may become a total recluse by then.  :)


FJ said...

No drama? Amen to that, Sis...

Sophie Lynne said...

Drama unfortunately seems to be a function of life these days.