Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon

Tonight is a Blue Moon.  It's the second full moon of the month.  After tonight the next one will be in 2015.  It was absolutely gorgeous here in Raleigh - huge and bright.

At the moment, when people ask me where I live I say Charleston.  My connection to Raleigh at the moment is nothing more than an office, a hotel room, and as yet unrealized potential.  I work in Raleigh, but home for me is still South Carolina right now.

Identity is a complicated thing.  Accepting my identity as more than simply a visitor in South Carolina took years to develop.  And I can't/won't relinquish it for a long time, either, as it's something that keeps me grounded.  "Home" is a complicated thing, too, but regardless of how things play out I plan keep my foothold back "home" for a long time.  I didn't know how much I'd miss it.

In the meantime, this is a Holiday weekend.  I'm headed back "home" - to Charleston - tomorrow.  I'll be on the road early - by 6.  I don't know what kind of Holiday traffic to expect but I'll hope to beat most of it.  I brought the truck to the dealer for a 5,000 mile check-up and an oil-change this week, and all is well with her.  And with me.

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