Friday, August 24, 2012

Who Could Ask For More?

It's Friday, and the week is almost over.  Things have picked up significantly now that people know I'm here, I've got my laptop and email, and there's much to do.  I have already been triple booked for meetings which makes for a crazy day, but all things considered I've hit the ground running and am already loping at a good pace.  

I've done this before and though it's not easy to come into a new environment, with new people, and new ways of doing things I suppose my ability to do that quickly is how I've been successful over the course of the contracts that comprise the 30+ years of my career.  This is a little different because the toolset is unique, but the people here are wo default helpful so the onus is on me to get help if/when I need it.

A "Welcome" bag arrived at my desk yesterday with a coffee mug, a mouse pad, office supplies, and some general fun stuff.  That was a nice touch...

I'm still living at the hotel, although honestly I don't get back there until 9 or later.  My after-work hours have been spent learning my way around the area a bit, going to the gym, meeting some people, and generally decompressing a bit.

Some observations....

I talked to a guy at Lifetime Fitness the other night.  He was a nice guy who did a good job with me.  I've joined gyms since before he was born and he wasn't t arrogant or pushy.  He gave me a week pass.

So, yesterday I went to one of their other locations in the area to try it out.  It's a higher "level" of their gyms, a premier huge posh place, but the staff there was universally arrogant, rude, and very uninviting.  Although it was more like a spa than a fitness center I wouldn't go there if it were free.  

I'm starting to meet people.  I'm going to say something totally off the wall, without any other context.  Kissing a man who likes to kiss, and who has a day's worth of whiskers, is like rubbing sand paper on your face.  But when they're good at it - it doesn't hurt until later.  I'm just saying...

This weekend I've got a number of things on the burner.  Part of what's happening in me behind the scenes, and I've alluded to this before, is the gradual letting go of some things I've tried to hold on to in life.  Things and people are like tides so sometimes they're close for any number of reasons, while other times they drift away.  Times like this that involve relocating and re-settling provide opportunities for both.  And, both are happening.

I also see friends who look like their struggling or thrashing around a bit and I'd typically expend some emotional energy on that. But at the moment I won't. I've got some specific needs right now and things that feed into that is worth stretching for.  The rest - well, it's none of my business. 

So, as week 1 comes to a close I'm relatively comfortable, I'm pleased, I'm optimistic, and I've got good energy.  If I could say that every Friday - well, who could ask for more?

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