Wednesday, June 23, 2010


As I type this I'm in my sleep clothes, sprawled across a very pleasant bed with a down comforter in a very cute Bed and Breakfast in southeastern Oregon. Getting here involved a couple of flights and a full day of driving - but this is one of those times when the most important aspect is the journey, not the destination.

The drive across Oregon today was just gorgeous. We stopped a number of times to take photos, and the day was capped by wall of showers moving across the mountains followed by a double rainbow and a spectacular sunset. We were almost giddy trying to take photos of it all before it disappeared. And, this was just the first day!

The only significant "issue" so far is that one of my hair products opened and leaked into the plastic bag where I keep my spillables when I travel. Everything else has been wonderful, including this house. There are cookies and brownies on the dining room table downstairs and it's testament to my willpower that I haven't snuck down there a time or two. They looked delicious.

The next couple of days will be filled with hiking, picture taking, and enjoying some quiet time before heading home on Sunday. I got some wonderful pictures today and hope to upload a bunch of them when I get home. If today is any indication I'll have lots to choose from.

As I think back over the last couple of months or so it amazes me how much has happened. I've trained hard to compete against people half my age, traveled to Cleveland and Iowa for my first competition in 30 years, traveled to San Francisco for what turned out to be some fairly significant jaw surgery and am still recovering from that, went to Connecticut twice to speak at events, went to South Carolina to collect things I had there, drove a thousand miles each way to visit my son in Austin and my mom in Dallas, and here I am in a B&B in Oregon. Crazy stuff.

I made a promise to myself to live life to the fullest and feel like I'm doing that. I didn't transition to hide and Lord knows I'm probably more active now in my various "stuff" than I've ever been. People ask me when I'm going to slow down and take a break, but most of this stuff is stuff I actually enjoy doing - I actually caused most of it to happen. In any event, I'm looking forward to some quiet days here although we're planning to meet downstairs at 6am in the morning to get photos of the mountains in the early morning light.

With that - I'll head to bed. Getting "down" time includes a good night sleep. I hope to get one of those tonight. After the day I've had, I think it probably won't be that difficult to achieve.


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