Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting Back

I'm sitting here this evening watching "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock. It's the 3rd or 4th time I've seen it and there are still times when it makes me laugh out loud. I realize it's not cinematic genius or any sort of classic but it still makes me laugh and there's something to be said for that. I suppose it says something about my personality. I'm just not quite sure what.

The movie has a marriage scene near the end. And although it may sound trite to some I have no problem admitting that one of the main life goals that remains unfulfilled in my world is I expect to be a bride someday. I watch these kinds of things with hopeful anticipation more than with despair or with sadness. Each of us has our time. I truly believe that. And, as with so many other things in life the key to making it happen isn't wanting it. It's patience. And, thankfully, I have that. In spades.

After the better part of a week "getting away" today was full of "getting back". I had breakfast with Maria. I had a tire changed on my car. I stopped by the doctor's to get a copy of the X-Ray report on my neck. I went to the fitness center, and to Costco. I caught up on some email. And, I took a short nap. All things considered - it was a pretty tame day but it was certainly a million miles away from the serenity of sitting on the edge of a deep lake formed by a glacier.

I was talking with some of the people who live in little Joseph about how they ended up there and the song was the same. People went there to visit, fell in love with it, were living unfulfilling lives in the "big" world, and went there to get away. I can so relate. There's something oddly appealing about that to me these days.

I registered for SCC today. One of the questions they ask during the online registration is how many previous SCC's you've been to - this is the 20th anniversary event. As I counted back over the years that I've attended it was humbling to realize that this will be my 8th conference. Wow. I've said it before - I never attended any conferences during my own transition and that's a shame. It would have been such a helpful, empowering thing. Many of my dearest friends are people I've met at conferences and that continues to this day so I encourage anyone who can attend to be there.

This weekend is July 4. I expect to actually be home for a change - what a concept! I've already got plans that involve a grill, burgers, and maybe even fireworks. I'm also hoping to go to the Grand Canyon to do some hiking sometime soon. That's high on my need-to-do list.

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