Friday, October 5, 2012

All the way out

The good news is that I got to sleep at home last night.  And again tonight, and tomorrow...

The bad news's furnished and the mattress is, shall we say, less than comfortable.  I cherish the little time I have in bed so making it as enjoyable as possible is key.

Back to the good news, bad news thing...

The good news is that I've got a very comfortable queen size mattress of my own.  The bad news is that it, like most of my "stuff", is still in Arizona.  I will need to address this conundrum....

This isn't the road-weariness kind of tired that I feel sometimes.  This is more of an I-need-a-Redbull kind of tired.  I'm not Tired tired.  I'm just tired.

I mentioned that this week - the first week of October - contains the milestones of my first day full-time and my first day presenting as Donna at work.  It also happens to contain the anniversary of my resignation from HRC in 2007 over the organization's stance on ENDA (link here).

As I mentioned yesterday, I really don't have difficulty making decisions and this one was fairly easy.  I should restate - the choice was obvious to me.  Actually doing it was difficult, very personal, and extremely emotional.  The level of betrayal I felt, knowing what I know, was profound and I suppose it changed me in a way.  Still, it's not one of those decisions I've regretted or secondIuessed even for a moment.  It was necessary.

I believe today, as I did then, that the most important issue facing the community is employment.  Same-sex marriage is a "sexier" topic, and I suppose it's got significant symbolic value for same-sex couples, but as I said on the CNN event last December it's not at the top of my list of needs.

Every time I mention HRC it opens the floodgate for comments. Some want to vent. Go ahead. Vent.

Others ask me if anything there has changed.  The short answer is...I have no idea.  I don't have anything to do with them. Do I trust them?  No.  Do I have any advice to give those thinking of getting involved?  No. I'm all the way out.

Anyway....enough politics for one entry.  Back to more "fun" stuff.

October is a special time in Charleston.  The first Friday of the month (as in, today) features a downtown "Art Walk" in the art district where galleries stay open late, provide munchies and wine, and generally promote art.

Later in the month is the Carolina Coastal Fair.  I suspect I'll have more to say on that as it gets closer.  I can't pinpoint anything specific that makes it special to me other than my memories from previous versions.  October just rocks....

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