Friday, October 26, 2012


There's a unique energy about storms.  It's actually pretty exciting.  If they weren't so dangerous and so "inconvenient" I think people would appreciate the energy thing more.

This Hurricane is scheduled to slowly troll by the Carolinas over the weekend.  The last time this happened, last year, news crews lined the the sea wall downtown as waves came crashing into and over the wall.  I suspect that will happen again with this storm.

I'm unwound from a busy week by taking a walk down to the ocean a little while ago.  The winds are pretty stiff, but you can still see the moon through the haze of the clouds.  The waves are coming in at a pretty good clip but this city has seen these things time and time again.  The cruise ship is in port, bathed in light, and I'm wondering if she'll set sail to head south tomorrow as she normally does.  If she does, I wouldn't want to be one of the passengers on board.  It's going to be rough sailing.

My mom called a little while ago to check and make sure I wasn't in harm's way.  I think I'm probably less in harm's way here than anywhere north of here - like in Raleigh.  And I'll make my decision about next weekend by Tuesday although if any of these predictions come true the decision is already made.

I noticed that the Out and Equal Workplace Summit is in Baltimore next week.  I can't help but think back to 2008, when I was one of the co-chairs and it was in Austin.  During the Summit Hurricane Ike formed in the Gulf and was predicted to come ashore thru Houston and move directly over Austin.  Lots of people left early.  But non of it ever came to pass.

So today - there was a decision to be made.  I made it.  And as a result I missed my tennis match.  :(

I didn't flake out totally on them - I called them and told them I was driving in from out of town and wouldn't have time to get home, change, and get out to the courts during rush hour.  So - my first attempt to play a tennis tournament ended before it began.  But I'm ok with the fact that my journey today took longer than I thought....

Tomorrow night is the unofficial Halloween celebration around Charleston.  There are parties and festivities all over the place (here's one).  I was thinking about years "before" - when Halloween was a big big deal. It was my one big opportunity to be "out" each year, and it was always something I thought about for weeks in advance.  It was Donna's one day to live, even if under the silly guise of a costume.

As far as I was concerned, it was all a costume.  Dave was a costume.  My life was a costume.  It was all simply dressing to get something, or achieve something.  Or avoid something.  The only true "me" at that point lived in my head, and in my spirit, and came out to experience the world once or twice a year.

So - tomorrow night is Halloween and I have no idea what to be....what would interest me.  I don't think there's much that interests I'm just tired of costumes I suppose.  At least, in the traditional sense.

Tomorrow I go to the gun range (I've got a date with a Smtih and Wesson M and P 40).   I'll spend some time at the MAC store picking up my my Holiday stuff.  I have some errands to run.  But unless the day is a total washout I'm hoping to spend the bulk of it at the Coastal Fair, eating.  And then I'll spend the bulk of the day Sunday at the gym...paying the price for it all.  We'll see how it all plays out...  :)

I was getting my hair done recently and one of the other stylists there, who I've known for a while, mentioned that my skin was looking wonderful.  I don't know that I've had anyone else say that to me before, and I took it as a very nice compliment.  I don't know if she could have said anything nicer.

I use moisturizer.  I found a product that I use under my makeup that I think takes good case of my skin.  But after pretty much a lifetime of not doing anything it's nice to get to a point where taking care of the skin makes a visible difference.

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