Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gather No Moss

I'm sitting National Dirport waiting to for the second half of my flight to Kansas City.  I'm speaking at a National Coming Out Day event at Hallmark Cards there tomorrow before flying back late tomorrow evening.

I flew out of Raleigh.  It was the first time I've left from RDU and I specifically noted that it was a very pleasant airport.  Easy to get to.  Good parking.  Big bathroom stalls.  Modern.  Very nice.

I haven't flown in a while. It's actually nice to be able to say that. My last trip was my visit to Phoenix to visit my "stuff" there in August.  Of course, I've more than made up for that up for that recently in road miles but such is the practical realities of a life that gathers no moss.

I unpacked all day Sunday and was in bed by 9:30, a product both of just being tired from all the unpacking and of realizing that I needed to be on the road by 4:30am to get to Raleigh for work.  The good news is that I was in bed as planned.  The bad news is that I woke up at 12:30 and couldn't get back to sleep.  So, I got up, unpacked a little more, and was in my truck headed north by 3:30.  It made for a very long day yesterday.

I'd love to see a Hallmark Card specifically targeted for trans people.  What would that look like?  I dunno...  A Congratulations card to begin Transition?  A Mother's Day or a Father's Day card?  Make no mistake - There is cultural legitimacy to something simply because a mainstream greeting card maker creates a card to recognize or commemorate it.  I'm part of a round-table discussion about inclusion in the morning that should be interesting....

I remember back at one of my first Out and Equal Workplace Summits where they included a couple of cards specifically  targeting same sex couples in the Welcome Bags.  That was before marriage was legal.  I was impressed.

I'll be in KC for less than 30 hrs.  Like I said...I gather no moss.

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sweetbrandigirl2004 said...

A Congratulations card to begin Transition? A Mother's Day or a Father's Day card ?...... ..........Really Donna ? Come on while I realize that you love standing out and remembering were you came from Not everyone who's transitions wants to walk down memory lane or have it thrown back up in their face with a card that a part of their lives was wasted pretending to be someone they weren't. Besides they already make Mothers Day and Fathers Day cards and they are more then appropriate for anyone who has transitioned to their appropriate gender.......Some of us see ourselves as normal men and women after transition and simple want to get on with life blend back into society, our Identities aren't build around being trans or around the experience of transition. So we certainly don't want someone outing us with a trans related cards.