Friday, December 21, 2012


So.  It's 6:30am on end-of-the-world Friday and the world as we know it is still here.  Shocker.

Today is the first day of winter.  I'm just glad I live in a place where winter isn't really winter (or at least, not the way that I know winter).  I made it back to Charleston yesterday before the storm got here and we had 50 mph winds last night but thankfully (a) it's not a blizzard and (b) I don't need to either fly or drive anywhere for a while.  I know many in the middle of the country are not so lucky.

A "cold" front did pass thru and low temperatures tonight are forecast to fall into the twenties (wind chill in the teens) but no big deal there.  Yawn.

In my last post I mentioned that people on FB are getting goopy.  Let me explain...

There are a number of consistent topics at the moment:

* end of the world - Not
* guns
* fiscal cliff
* the fact that people you don't know will be able to send you messages for $1
* happiness over the holidays
* sadness over the holidays

All are certainly relevant and timely.  But it can all be overwhelming....  Goopy.

I was in bed by 9 last night.  In MY bed.  Well...technically not my bed but the bed in MY apartment.  I woke up at a sip of ginger ale...and went back to bed for another 4 hours.  I needed the sleep.  I hope to get lots of it over the next few days.

As for all this Fiscal Cliff stuff...11 days and counting.  My own personal prediction is that we're going over it.  Hold on.  Our government is too dysfunctional to stop it, and it should have acted on it a long time ago.  The fact that we are where we are is as much an indication of procrastination as dysfunction.  Anyway....we'll see how it plays out.

With all that said....I'm going to bundle my little self up and walk down to the ocean.  I need the spiritual deep breath it provides.  Watching sunrise on the solstice is a special thing. :)


So....this is the reflection of the solstice sunrise in some of the windows across the street from the ocean.    I'll call it "Solstice Reflections".  :)

I got to bundle up in my Columbia winter jacket that I bought to make it thru the winter in PA a few years ago.  I don't get many opportunities to wear it (thankfully) and probably didn't need it this morning but it certainly kept me warm.

One other thing...

I stopped at Victoria's Secret last week because I had a credit there I needed to use.  I've mentioned before that I buy all my bras there....they just fit me well.  I typically buy what I'll call "practical" bras as well....everyday bras that are comfortable and that I can wear to work or with whatever.  I like bras that have a little bit of girls like some Body By Victoria and I get along very well.  I'll admit that I've got a couple of frilly, "fun" ones as well but I don't consider those to be practical.  Anyway....

So, I have this credit and need to use it and was talking to the salesgirl.  She brought me over to some new style that she said was a little of both - fun and practical.  It's called "Bombshell", and says that it will add 2 cups to your size (see it here).  I am the proud new owner of a black one of these things - just like the one in the photo if you clicked on that link.  I have no idea how the scientists/architects/engineers or whatever you want to call the people who design bras are come up with these things, but it's actually pretty amazing.  Putting this on is very comfortable, and truth be told it's a little embarrassing how big these things make my girls look.  Anyway....I'm not really sure why I shared that, but there you go.

Time to begin the day!

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Sophie Lynne said...

I have a bombshell bra as well. I wore it once. My d-cups got a LOT of attention that night.

In fact, I don't recall getting eye contact that whole night.