Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Own Drum

It's 8:30am.  I woke up about a half hour ago, and am sitting with my first cup of coffee.  I slept for almost 9 hours....that's just mind blowing for me.  I suppose it's a function of needing it, being wonderfully relaxed, and having the opportunity to do it.

Ironically, I don't know if I'd do it every day even if I could.  There's something special about the rare nature of it, about the rarity.  Anyway - it was nice.  I hope my day unfolds in a similarly nice way.

One minor cloud.  I have a pimple this morning that I didn't have last night.  Puberty is a bear....

I was watching something on Bo Jackson.  The interviewer asked him if he would have made any different decisions in his career.  As the only player to play in both the NFL Pro-Bowl and the Major League Baseball All-Star game his career was cut short by a horrible hip injury in his late 20's.  He honestly said 'no' - the length of his career wasn't important.  What was important was that he broke rules about professional athletes that others didn't think could be broken, and he showed that you could be good at more than one thing.  He lived his life to the beat of his own drum.  Amen.

I sometimes find it difficult to reconcile the need to march by my own drum and at drums that others play.  It's a constant balancing act.  It'd be easy to say that I don't think about it but I do.  Who and what I am is me - drummers be damned.

Yesterday was full of nothing special, which is what made it SO special.  I spent time at the gym.  I did a little shopping.  I spent a good chunk of time running errands and hangin' with a certain someone.  It was a good day.

Oh - and when I got home last night I parallel parked my truck in a space that had a foot of room in the front and 2 feet in the back.  That might not sound like much, but this is a big friggen truck so being able to maneuver her like that and estimate that I could even do it was no small feat.  I was right up next to the curb, too, so it was almost a perfect park.  As I stood there and looked at it I was admittedly proud of it.  It's progress.

We are looking at the possibility of record warm weather here today - the high is forecast to be 76%.  I'm already looking forward to getting out in it.  On the second Sunday of each month they close King St. to traffic so it's full of shoppers, musicians, the restaurants spill out onto the's like a street festival.  Anyway, I'm going to get that done.  I need to spend a little more time in the gym.  The rest of the day?  It will unfold itself....

I talked with a dear friend for a while last night.  She was on her way home from her company Christmas party.  We talked about our common sense of maintaining a sense of distance from most of our co-workers because we're "different" and we don't want worlds over-lapping.  It is a feeling that she and I share because I find those same social blockers at play in my own life.

I've got two work-related Christmas parties coming up.  I will go to both, but I suspect my experience will be similar to hers....make an appearance, socialize with a few people, then go.  I still can't believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away.  If I'm going to do Christmas Cards this year I better get at it...

Right now I'm not worried about it.  I'm sipping on coffee, sun is streaming in, and the possibility of a good day is at hand.  I suppose I couldn't ask for anything more.

The Keb Mo concert on Friday was excellent.  It was a solo/acoustic show, so it was just Keb, his guitars, his music, and a full theater.  By the end people were dancing in the gap between the stage and Row 1.  As far as I'm concerned, that's the mark of an amazing musician.

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