Monday, May 17, 2010


I went to church yesterday. I haven't been able to go for a few weeks because it seems that my Sundays have been full of travel, recovery, or other "stuff". That logistical detail hasn't dulled my ongoing connection with my spiritual self, however, and I'd argue that my time at the beach in South Carolina was far more "spiritual" than time spent in any building anywhere.

One reason I do like to go to church is to listen to the sermons. I typically use the level of connection that I feel to what the sermoner has to say as the metric by which I measure whether it's a place I want to be. Anyway, this particular church here in the Valley often has interesting things to say. So, I go there.

Yesterday the pastor was talking about the various morning readings and one of the things he talked about was this mistaken sense we get sometimes that we - each of us - are the center of the universe. Life can get so overwhelming sometimes with so many things going on that it's important to have reminders that it's not all about US. It's a much bigger picture in which we are simply players, and how we need to keep things in perspective. Anyway - the way he explained it was amusing and I found the general approach to be a good one. I'm glad I went - I typically leave there feeling good.

On the news this morning they mentioned a website you can use to identify whether your photos have been "hijacked" anywhere on the internet. It looks all over the internet to see if it can find your stuff. It's at "" so that's today's technical tip. I've had people use my photos for all kinds of stuff ranging from forced domination stories to people using my photo as their own profile picture and people are generally good about warning be about this stuff when they find it. Anyway - I haven't tried this website yet but I find the concept interesting.

A couple of years ago I wrote about a website titled "Pandora" that was particularly cool because you could build music playlists of artists you like and it would somehow magically identify others that are similar in style or genre for you to listen to. Pandora has become pretty well known over the last couple of years, especially since it because one of the coolest early free apps for iPhone. I still listen to it all the time.

Today's music video doesn't have any deeper meaning other than it's a song I heard on Pandora and ended up liking. It's fun to find new bands that you wouldn't otherwise hear. Anyways - here's today's song:

I find it coincidental that the name of the planet in Avatar is also "Pandora". It is interesting to research the various meanings of the word "Pandora" (here's one). Anyway - that doesn't have anything to do with the song or the software - it's just interesting.

Speaking of "interesting" - Living in Arizona has been "interesting" recently. As many may know the state recently passed a strict new immigration law that is causing all kinds of uproar across the country. In my opinion - rightfully so, but that's a much deeper discussion than I'm willing to have this morning.

The Phoenix Suns are starting their playoff series against the Lakers tonight so that's big news here at the moment.

Summer is around the corner so many of the "snow-birds" who come here for the winter are beginning their escape to more temperate climates, while others who live here year round are soaking up these last few days of sub-100 degree weather.

All in all - it's a very "interesting" place to be at the moment. Come to think of it - my life is an interesting place to be. Period.


Opus said...

I get the feeling we wouldn't agree about the new AZ immigration law.
Without getting into any specifics I think the uproar should be about how the law isn't accurately described in the press and by those against it.

Donna said...

You're probably right in that we wouldn't agree. The beauty, though, is that we get to disagree and we get to respect the fact that other people have opinions that might be different from our own. :-)