Monday, May 31, 2010


Today is Memorial Day, the unofficial first day of summer.

I realize that people are doing all kinds of out-doors things all around the country today but I feel no guilt in sharing that I took another nap this afternoon. It's not that the hike up Squaw Peak in the 100 degree mid-day heat earlier today took so much out of me as the fact that I find my body consistently wanting to nap by mid-afternoon lately and I'm listening to it. Having the time to actually get into bed for an hour has been a luxury.

Dinner with my ex-wife last night was wonderful. I don't have details to share other than the fact that it was fun and comfortable - two words I questioned I'd ever use when talking about our spending time together. I have learned to never say never and this is another of those times.

A herd of Javelina came strolling by before dins so we went into the back yard to say 'hi' and throw out a little celery out to them. There were 13 or 14 in this group - one of them was the cutest little baby - and they sometimes come strolling down the washes behind the houses in the development at duskish. When we first moved there we saw lots of them but as civilization has pushed further and further north you'd think that there would be fewer of them. One of the reasons we liked this particular development of homes is that there is a significant amount of wild space and washes between houses so there's still cool "stuff" living there.

We've had these kinds of good days before but they consistently turn backwards again. But somehow this time it felt different. I'm a big believer that doors are opening and closing in our lives all the time, and when some close that provides the opportunities for others to open or at least makes us open to the "opportunity" of recognizing that others are open. Anyway - we'll see what this means in the bigger picture.

As I mentioned, my major outdoor event today was another hike up Squaw Peak. I'm still in good shape so despite the 100-degree heat and the fairly strenuous climb it wasn't too terribly difficult. I really don't mind the afternoon heat so much, either. The key is to have something to drink because the desert will dry you out quickly. I was a little worried that the trails would be packed with other Memorial Day hikers but I was glad to see that there really weren't all that many people there.

I find my time at the top to be special time. There's a particular place I go to sit, close my eyes, and connect with the Universe. I did that today. And, it was good.

I recorded a little video blog yesterday:

My jaw is still swollen and parts of it are still numb. But at least I'm feeling generally better. Finally.

For those of us who are Apple nerds, there's an article in advance of a major Apple event in San Francisco next week making some predictions, debunking others, and generally setting the stage (read it here).

And finally, while many are out enjoying traditional American fare for dinner on this day to remember those who sacrificed their lives in the service of their country I feel almost embarrassed to admit that I had sushi. If there's a saving grace, though - I ordered California rolls. :)


Barbara said...

HI Donna, I'm very happy that you and your ex had a good time together. My ex and I were also together at my place for a BBQ. Just the two of us and it was very pleasant. Actually she turned out to be my very best friend through all of my transition. I wish my kids would be the same. As you said, never say never, I just hope I live long enough to enjoy it.

Charlize said...

Thank you for sharing!!!