Friday, September 7, 2012

Double Lives

It's Friday again.  Yay.  And I'm headed to Charleston again.  Double-yay.

I almost feel like I'm living a double life.  I have my weekday, worker-bee life away from home.  And I've got my weekend life in Charleston.  And never the two shall meet.  :)

I suppose lots of people have double lives of one kind or another.  Or even triple, or quadruple.  But for now, this balance of here and there is the familiar and the unfamiliar.  With everything else that's popping in my world right now - balance is necessary.

I stopped in to see a place to live more long-term (if I stay here).  It was exactly what I'd need.  The reason that this is relevant for this conversation is that they guy who would be my room mate had a 2-meter ham radio and I said something about it.  There was a time in my prior life when I was an Extra class ham operator so I know more than a little about it.  He was impressed.  He was doubly impressed because he doesn't know that many women who are involved in the hobby.  As I say....double life.

I need to drop off my truck to get the bumper repaired from the fender-bender several weeks ago.  I'm dropping it off while I'm in Charleston which means I need to go back to Charleston to get it, too.  I need to go to the doctor to get my flu vaccine.  I'll do that while I'm in Charleston too.

One of the goals while I'm there this weekend is to make some decisions on places to live when I'm there. Oh - plus it's one of my favorite times of year....Restaurant Week. 

I'm only scratching the surface on what's happening with me right now.  But until I feel that things are settled to a point where I'm comfortable sharing them - I'll just leave it at that.


Gwen said...

2 meter by choice or just a Novice?
(Do they still have those? Lots have changed from 50 years ago --- like you no longer have to satisfy a 5 minute XMT/RCV Morse for Novice/Tech or 13 for General and above.)
I wonder what I did with my old Hallicrafters ....?

Sophie Lynne said...

I would dare say that all TG people live a double life for at least SOME of their lives.

Those of us still "closeted" Definitely live double lives. Those who have transitioned and are "stealth" lead a similar life- afraid of being "discovered." Of course, the consequences are dire in both cases, more so for those who have already walked the path and transitioned.

Everyone has parts of their lives that they don't share. this multi-faceted existance makes us interesting, dynamic people.

And often, it makes us alone