Sunday, September 9, 2012

Time to Play

I had a "Make-over" at MAC yesterday.  I remember a time when those kinds of things where - like - Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, my birthday, and the Fourth of July all wrapped into on.  The opportunity for someone who actually knows what they're doing to work their magic on my face was such an exciting (and rare) thing it would consume my thinking for days.

I also remember a time when the end result was as depressing as the excitement leading up to it.  Regardless of what they did, there was no getting past the fact that the face behind the paint still didn't reflect WHO I was.  It provided a brief opportunity for Donna to express herself in ways that where otherwise generally forbidden, or deeply hidden, but at some point in the middle of it all the excitement suddenly gave way to sadness, and I couldn't wait to go and wash it all off - wishing I could wash the forces that drove me to these things away as well.

Anyway - yesterday's session had none of that.  My MAC people here in Charleston have become friends.  We know each other on a first name basis, and if I ever need a hug I know I can get one there. They're the coolest, nicest people and although we always take the time to talk and catch up on things yesterday we actually took an hour to "play".  It was fun.

I make time to play on my weekends.  It's restaurant week in Charleston - I've written about that before - so I went to my favorite 3-for-$30 place for a steak.  I usually eat at the bar, as I know all the bartenders there too and there were a half-dozen very drunk guys from Auburn there.  Apparently Auburn lost yesterday so they were unhappy, but that didn't make them any less humorous as a group of drunk young guys.  One of them wanted to show me his abs....I told him it was a good start.  He wasn't amused...

Normally I'd head back to Raleigh today but I've got several things here locally tomorrow.  I have to visit my doctor.  I'm dropping the truck off to get repaired (from the fender bender - they'll have it all week).  I've got a meeting about some insurance.  Then - it's a mad dash BACK to Raleigh.  Next week is a crazy week for me so I suppose I should enjoy this bit of down time while I can.

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Katherine Hohmann said...

I sit here just 3 weeks away from my visit with Dr. Meltzer trying to fathom the forces behind it all. It is an exciting point in life to finally bring some closure. But it will never be final knowing who I am really -not truly completed. I have been reading your blogs, often times working backwards in time. It actually works! Anyway, I have gained much perspective and they provide me drive for the journey I must take! Thanks for all the years sharing.