Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quick Trip

I'm in Washington DC for the day.  It's a quick trip, but it involves a couple of long days.

I drove up here from Raleigh after work yesterday.  I've driven all over this country and there's something about driving within a 50 mile radius of DC that I find particularly and uniquely draining. I got into town by 10, was in bed by 11:30, was up at 5am to dress and get myself to the Metro, and here I sit chillin' before the day really gets going.

There was a time when I envisioned that I'd live here, or work here.  Now I can't imagine that in my wildest dreams.  There are a number of places where I will live, but a much longer list of places that I won't.  That's not to say its a bad place - its just that the pace of things here isn't my cup of tea.  Anyway, it's a beautiful day here but if all goes well I'll be sitting at my desk in Raleigh at this time tomorrow.

I'm staying with a friend here and we spent some time last night talking about how I've retreated from so much of the advocacy work that was a significant portion of my life for a little while. Chapters of like come and go and for the most part that work is being done by people who are likely much more qualified than I was.  It's nice to look back at the people and the things that filled my life those days but in most ways that count I'm off on other adventures right now.

I registered a number of domains yesterday as part of a "Domain Name Sale". One of the domains I claimed is I'm not sure what, if anything, I'll do with it.  But its kinda fun to have.

I talk with someone in Raliegh who I've only met in person once but who lifts my spirits when we talk.  She's got a good energy about her, and she seems to know when I need to hear a friendly voice. I doubt she'll ever know that I appreciate her as much as I do just because....  Katriana rocks.

Anyway...I need to get the next phase of the day going so I'll keep this short.  Onwards...

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Sophie Lynne said...

Have a Great day! Say "Hi" to Mara for me if you run into her!