Friday, September 28, 2012

A day to NOT

The most interesting thing happened this evening....

I've been doing two jobs lately, which wouldn't be so bad except that they're 200+ miles apart and neither is where I spend my weekends.  But that's nobody's fault but mine.

Regardless, it has been quite the week of criss-crossing North and South Carolina for various big work "things".  I should really give up one of these two things but the problem at this point isn't with handling both of them because I can do this.  It's with the logistics of it all.  Anyways...

Back to the story....  So, I drove 150 miles to get to work this morning and just over 100 to get from there to Charleston afterwards.  By the time I got here I was tired, I was ready for the weekend, and so I went to one of my favorite local places for a bite of dinner and a beverage.

The place that I go is a nice nice restaurant.  I've eaten there dozens of times, but I typically can't afford the entrees so I'll have lighter fare at the nice bar up front.  I know the bartenders.  I know the hostesses.  I know the waiters.  It's almost like extended family, in a way, which is one of the reasons Charleston has become so "comfortable" for me.

So, it's a Friday night and I go in and the bar area is very full.  One of the hostesses tells me that a seat is going to free up in a second an it does, right at the corner of the bar.  So I sit down, do some catching up with the bartenders, I order a drink and something to eat, and I'm thoroughly relaxing and enjoying myself after this crazy week.

There are lots of very pretty and handsome, well-dressed, men and women at the bar waiting for their tables.  I used to go in after wrestling practice, on Tuesdays, for a burger and I would have felt really really under-dressed except that they said it was fine.  Which it was.  But typically, a weekend night at that bar is a good place to watch people.  I'm usually too busy eating or chatting to pay it much notice, but it's true.

As I was finishing my meal a young woman came up to me and asked me if she could ask me something that might be personal.  This is typically not a good sign, because you never know what someone is going to ask....especially if you say it's ok.  Anyway, I tell her to ask what's on her mind and, of all things, she asked me if I was there alone.

I told her I was...that I live nearby and I enjoy coming there for dinner.  She seemed genuinely surprised, and somewhat impressed, that a woman would go to a restaurant/bar for dinner alone without any interest in anything but relaxing.  I never even stopped to consider it as anything but ordinary.  But that opened the door for a very pleasant conversation and I realized I was impressed that she had the courage not notice and approach me in the first place.

She has a very kind face, and a warm way about her, and it was easy to chat.  And after ten or fifteen minutes she and her dinner friend got seated for their meal and I go ready to come home, unpack a little, wash up, and get into bed.  Which is where I am now....

We chatted about how Serendipity works - I think she used the term "Serendipitous Circumstance".  Anyways - it was a very pleasant way to wind down the day.  And, oddly, I suspect we'll chat again.

Tomorrow is the first time in week I don't have to be up at 5am or earlier to get somewhere.  It's the first day I don't have 200 miles or more to drive from where I needed to be earlier to where I need to be later.  I'm not really complaining about any of what has happened this week because it actually all seemed to work fine, and it seems like over-abundance more than anything.  It's just nice to have a day to NOT.

Let the weekend begin!


Gwen said...

To help solve your interstate logistics problem, you really need to get in contact with Mr Scott and see if he can't get you a transporter so the exchange can take place over milliseconds rather than hours


Sophie Lynne said...

Perhaps her comment had to do with gender stereotyping?