Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Friend or Faux?

The Southern Comfort Conference happens in Atlanta this weekend.  I attended 7 or 8 of them in a row until last year.  I've met many dear friends there, including the person who has probably had the most significant impact on my life over the ten years since we first met there.  For those who are going - safe travels, and have fun.

Speaking of Atlanta - I recently got a copy of the CNN Dialogues event that I did in Atlanta last December.  It was a mixture of fun and serious topics, but I've uploaded a couple of brief segments to youtube...

Those kinds of things can be a challenge.  You never know what you're going to be asked, and putting answers into coherent but thoughtful responses involves some quick thinking.  I like to think I do ok with those situations, and I'm ok with how things went.

I'll remember several things about that event.  One is that it was a week before the US Open Wrestling tournament in Dallas so I was crashing weight.  Another is how the makeup artist airbrushed me - that was a first.  Another was the groupies following Olympic figure skater Johnny Wier and his fiancee...

Uploading it reminded me that I haven't done a video blog in a while.  I'll have to rectify that sometime over the next couple of weeks.

I saw an article on the news that caught my eye.   It's about a judge who refused to approve a transwoman's name change because he objected.  This is the kind of stuff that makes me crazy (story here).

I went to downtown Raleigh for the first time tonight.  There was a get together at a place downtown, so now I can finally say I've actually been to the city.  I ended up talking with someone about the nature of friendships, and the importance of choosing your friends wisely.


Sophie Lynne said...

And what did you conclude?

Caroline said...

Who judges the judges and why are they so dumb?

Surely there is only one rule book!

Anonymous said...

I do totally agree with you getting crazy when reading such a nonsense; I just go ballistic cannot control myself.

Had this judge been close to Eden Atwood, he would have changed her gender marker to male given that she has AIS.

How come such an IGNORANT manages to graduate from college, law school, and make it to the bench?