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It's fall.  Perhaps not "officially", but for all intents and purposes the mindset changes on Labor Day from summer to autumn.  I realize it's not true for everyone - when I lived in Phoenix one hundred degree day isn't all that much different from the previous one.  But there are a number of annual cues that make it unmistakable beyond simply that you're supposed to put away your white clothes until spring...

Most significant, to me, is football.  It's football season.  Even though I'm not nearly as invested in what happens the fact that it's happening at all means it's autumn.  In my simplistic way of looking at things, the two are synonymous.   Fall=Football.

I traditionally live in places where there are significant college rivalries.  In Charleston (and through much of South Carolina) it's the two colleges in Columbia - Clemson and the University of South Carolina (the "other" USC).  Here in Raleigh it's even bigger - NC State, Duke, Wake Forest, UNC.  Most of these schools are better known for their basketball programs than for football, but it's still one of those fall things.

Last night I made sure to be back to the hotel to watch.  It grounds me.  Football is one of the threads that connected my dad, my brother, and I.  It was a connection to our city, and to other fans.  It doesn't even matter who's playing so much...there's football season, and there are the long months filled with preparing for football season.  And - here we are!

I was listening to something on the radio the other day and they were talking about what songs that came out during this past summer will be used to "define" it.  I think the general consensus of the people talking is that there were a number of candidates, but that the single most defining song will be "Call Me Maybe".  I dunno - it's catchy, it's danceable, but at the end of the day it's ultimately only as memorable as similarly catchy, danceable songs.

For me - the song that defines this past summer is "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye.  Besides being unique, and complex, with haunting deep lyrics, and a cool video the deeper meanings apply to a number of people in my world for a number of reasons (don't read more into that than necessary - it's as much symbolic as literal).  Anyway - it's my personal Summer 2012 song.

Football.  FB.  Fall.

Speaking of FB, it also stands for Facebook.  Let's talk about FB messages for a minute....

In FB, there are your "normal" In-Box for messages.  Then there is an in-box titled "Other".

I didn't find the "Other" in-box until a year ago.  It was full of what seemed like spammy come-on email from guys.  There were a few things there that I would have liked to see in my "normal" in box, but most of it was pretty trashy stuff.  Some included indecent photos...some pretty raunchy stuff.

Anyway, recently many of the emails that show up there seem to have a similar theme....

Here's part of one from today:

How are you doing?i am xxxxxxx by name ,i am a widow,never still married since my ex died,i have a son...i am Looking for a serious woman who i am gonna call my wife for real...

A widow?  This guy even included his cell# in the note, saying he's waiting for my call.  Ummm, no.

 Here's part of one from yesterday:

i saw your profile page last time when i was searching for an old friend of mine in Facebook ,you re very pretty i must say and am kind attracted to you,am sorry if you feel offended but i will be glad to know you more.. Am a father of a lovely child whose wife died of a car accident four years ago. i have never been so attracted to anyone ever since her death years back or gotten into any relationship.
I've received 25 or more of similar ilk:  have a child, wife died in car accident, can't be bothered to use any capital letters, looking for a wife.

Now - I'm no rocket scientist but who the heck would even answer one of those?  Is that supposed to be flattering?  I mean....really?! 

Sometimes these things get through whatever filter FB uses to direct them to the "other" in box.

But regardless of these intrusions, the gems that somehow get through make it worth staying plugged in.  For now.

One thing about North Carolina - my hair loves it here.  It's still humid, but for some reason my hair is soft and smooth and it behaves itself.  It's not quite Phoenix good, but my hair enjoys it much better than Charleston, or Austin.

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