Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I could have an ordinary life.  I really could.  There was a time when that's all I wanted.  To be just like everyone else.  To get "past" the mind/body conundrum that ended my marriage, that set me free from my "old" life (whether I wanted to be set free, or not), and that opened doors to things I never dared to imagine.

I'm approaching the 13th anniversary of my first day of full-time.  Oct 2, 1999.  It was the Saturday before my first day at work.  There are those who would tell me that that time is in the past, and of course it is.  But it is still part of me, and the mixture of excitement and terror of those times and my amazement at having reached that point is a constant reminder of many things.  Those things linger.  No - those things mature, and hatch......

There are times when I wish I were settled somewhere, surrounded by familiar, back on the path of whatever perception I've got of "ordinary".  Perhaps in a relationship.  Perhaps further along in my career.  Perhaps a lot of things.  But....and this is the thing I can't get away from....I wouldn't be me.

I had a good discussion with someone tonight who's working on a project for Columbia University on transsexual women athletes.  If you're a trans athlete and would like to talk with her write to me and I'll give you her contact information....

I was in my little hotel room tonight watching the National Geographic Channel and an ad came on for a show this weekend.  The show 'Taboo" generally tackles taboo subjects and the episode this weekend is all about being trans (see promo here).  I can't wait to see NCTE come out with a statement on this one, too.

I got something today from a friend at The Task Force in DC about two open positions they're trying to fill.  Here's the details:

A search has just been launched to fill two key permanent full time positions here at the Task Force: HR Director & Board Liaison. Will you please forward this link and the attached job descriptions to people you know over the next 3 days? It sounds like applications will begin being reviewed next week.
The Task Force is an equal opportunity employer. Women, transgender people, and people of color are especially encouraged to apply. The Trans Audit Committee, which I’m a part of, would love to see a pool of gender non-conforming and transgender candidates applying for these jobs. For your information, in addition to our general benefits package for full time employees, The Task Force also offers a health supplement for gender identity-related care.
The Task Force is accepting applications via email for this position at; or, submit a hard copy cover letter and resume to:

Human Resources Department
1325 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Suite 600
Washington, DC 20005
The functions of these positions are very important to executing the mission of the Task Force. We will be working expeditiously to fill them. Here is a little more about each job:
Human Resources Director –
The Human Resources Director is responsible for all aspects of human resources, including the Task Force’s programs for recruiting, orientation, workplace training, and staff performance evaluation.
Executive office Board Liaison –
The Executive Office Board Liaison serves as the primary staff support to the boards of directors of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Foundation and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund. 

So if any of that interests you - there's a lot of opportunity right now!



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Angel said...

Why settle for an ordinary life when you can have an extraordinary one? That's my philosophy.

Be well. :)