Monday, September 3, 2012

Retail Therapy

Happy Labor Day.  Unfortunately, this day involves some labor.  I guess I won't complain as it certainly could be worse.

I need to bring my "stuff" 4 miles from one hotel to another.  I wasn't sure how long I'd be in this situation, but at the moment I'm not actively looking for something more permanent here so I'm going to an Extended Stay place that's a little less of a number of things.  It's less expensive.  It's less convenient.  I suspect it's less comfortable.  But, it has a kitchen so that's a plus.  Did I mention that it's less expensive?  Yup - I did.  Anyway, until some things get settled this is the way it's going to be and I've become ok with that.

I took a picture of the "other" side of the room here in the hotel at the moment.  Not horrible, but still several trips to the truck to pack.  I uploaded it to SnapLog along with a pic from the target I mentioned yesterday.  Still feeling good about that... (SnapLog here).

In my "balance" world I've got some fun scheduled for today, too.  I've got an appointment at the Apple store to chat about a couple of things.  It's near one of the other major stores I enjoy visiting, so although I don't necessarily need more "stuff" to move one can never underestimate the value of Retail Therapy.

Good day yesterday.  I went to a new gym and enjoyed that - good energy there leading to a good workout.  I visited a park at a lake.  The afternoon included a couple hundred miles of driving but no big deal.  I hooked up my DVD player to the TV here in the room so I'm not bouncing off the walls without anything to watch.  There was a fascinating story on 60 Minutes last night about KahnAcademy.  I got caught up on my laundry laundry.  I burned the pictures I took at my niece's wedding to CD's to send to the family.  I'm uncluttering some general clutter in life, things that I've needed to do for a while but I'm taking this time in-between "chapters" to do something about.

In another of those paradox things, I spent some time last night with my sewing kit fixing a couple of minor things that have needed a stitch here or there.  Sewing is one of those things mom mom does very well, and that I'd actually like to learn how to do more than simply be able to clumsily stitch the most rudimentary tears or buttons.

In this case, one of the fixes was on one of my favorite bras...I've had it for a long time and we've been thru a lot together.  I have grown into 38D bras, and for those who don't like them or wear them regularly, a good bra is more than a piece of clothing.  It's embracing some very important "assets",  so although there are some very significant basic considerations (are the straps comfortable?  how well does it fit?  what about the cups?) there's also an intimate intangible component as well (how does it make me feel?)  I realize there's a time to "let go", but this is the second bra that has had a "strap" issue so I fixed her.  She's a little tattered, but as far as I'm concerned she's got a bit more life left in her.

The "fix"

I may not make someone a domestic goddess someday, but at least I can do the basics when it comes to sewing and cooking.  I wish I were better, and still hold out hope to take lessons on learning because I really do want to.  Ironically, that's about the same rudimentary level that I am with a hammer or a saw, too, but I have no interest whatsoever in getting better with those things.

I'm a very, very, very loyal person.  I'm not sure that my own definition of "loyal" is the same as anyone else's but, I can point to a dozen examples in my world that make no sense but fit into that "loyalty".  For example, when it comes to buying my MAC make-up, I could go to any local store and do it but I call it into my peeps in Charleston so I can stop in, see them, and we can "play".  99% of my makeup is MAC.  100% of my bras are Victorie's Secret.  They're made well, they fit me, and I enjoy the overall "experience" of shopping for them.  As I say - retail therapy.

The Domocrat  Party world is descending on North Carolina.  Charlotte is less than three hours from here and the DNC is happening there all week long.  It's all over the news here so there's no getting away from it even if you wanted to.  According to recent news repots North Carolina is up for grabs so it's gonna get worse here before it gets better.

I feel no guilt in admitting that I don't plan to watch any of it, and will generally avoid all the "stuff" coming from it.  As I've shared already - when it comes to my vote my mind is already set for many, many good reasons.  Mitt Romney represents everything that I detest about "politics" these days so that's not a hard one.  But my opinion of Mr. Obama isn't quite what it was 4 years ago either.  My biggest concern at the time was that he had set such high expectations and wouldn't be able to deliver.  In my opinion - by and large - it took him a while to gain a sense of what being "president" was about.  And by the time he did, the moment had passed so he has become a victim of his own unrealized potential.

The thing I find most concerning is that there is such a large crowd of "Anyone But Obama" that would vote for Mitt Romney - it says something pretty scary to me about this country.  But be that as it may - everyone is entitled to an opinion so I'm going to hunker down while all the theatrics are being played and just do my thing.  I expect some big things happening in my world this week.

I try to avoid talking politics too much here, but I suppose my own blog is the appropriate forum for my own opinions if I wanted to expand on them.  I share them here more as a sign of disengagement more than anything.  I'm certainly a very engaged American.  But the background motivation isn't fueled by the same passion that it was 4 years ago.

In an odd way I've gotten relatively comfortable here in this hotel.  The bed is comfortable.  The room is big enough.  I've learned where things the various boxes or drawers or things aren't in so much tumult as usually comes with moving.  I'm hoping the next place has a similar feel to it - if the vibe isn't good there my current good head-space could take a bit of a hit.  Anyway, we shall see.

So - now to set about packing.  The sooner that's done, the sooner I can enjoy the rest of the day.

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